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How can I get my dui expunged?
I got a DUI back in 2009, I hired a lawyer and he got it dropped to a wet wreck less. In the DMV system it still shows a a DUI. How can I get this taken off my driving and criminal record if possible.
You cannot have it removed from your DMV driving history nor your criminal record. You may need to submit certified...
Will I get charged with a DUI?
This past weekend I got pretty drunk on a college campus with some friends. I got in my car (fully intending NOT to drive), turned it on, and warmed it up so I could go to sleep easier. A police officer came by and I got out of the car and started talking with him. He definitely knew that I was drunk but didn't breathalyze me or do any other sobriety tests. I asked him if he was going to write me up for anything but he said no since I wasn't doing anything wrong. He wrote down my information and then let me go. My question is will I get any unpleasant mail/notices regarding a DUI? While I wasn't driving I know I can still be charged with one because I was "operating" a car.
California is a "driving" state with limited exceptions to that element. You were not driving, your license was not...
How can i get my license back after a dui?
got a dui 8 years ago and did jail time in lieu of paying fines and all that jazz. court judge dismissed everything. dmv now wants me to do everything the court judge told me to do (dui classes, sr-22, get insurance BEFORE i can get my license, etc). i have been unemployed since i received my dui and can't pay for what the dmv wants me to do. i can't afford to pay for anything the dmv wants me to do because i'm unemployed. i have been unemployed because i don't have the proper transportation to get to a job. what can i do to avoid paying for anything and just get my license/life back? i have not been in any legal trouble since. i just want to be a normal productive human in society again.
If you can't afford the classes, etc what makes you believe that you can afford a car, gas and maintenance. That costs...
Can u get an expunged dui reduced to wet wreckless, i have 2 such duis and they are from 12 years ago?
First dui in 2000, then anothet in 2004 , both misdemeanours. Had them expunged and want them reduced for immigration isdues.
If you've already had them dismissed under PC1203.4 (i.e. Expungement), that's the most you can do. You can't have them...
If I have an old DUI why cant I get a commerical license
Its an OLD DUI. Can an expungement get me a commercial license? I got the regular one.
There are no "expungements" in CA. Assuming you only have one DUI and you completed all requirements, you may obtain a...
Is it too soon to apply for citizenship after a DUI?
I was arrested for a DUI on August 9 2013 and convicted on January 27, 2014. I turned 21 in September 2013, so was under 21 when I got pulled over. These were my convictions: M (001) VC23152 (A) / M (002) VC23152 (B) // M (003) VC20002 (A). My three years of informal probation ends on January 27, 2017. I was hoping to apply for Citizenship next year though I understand most lawyers suggest waiting 5 years after the conviction. I currently have a permanent green card (both my parents are citizens) and every time I re-enter US after a trip abroad, I get pulled out of the line to go see immigration services at the airport. They suggested if I were to obtain citizenship, this wouldn't happen since there would be no need to fingerprint. In short, is it still too soon to apply for citizenship next year, 3 years after DUI?
Generally, we find USCIS officers want to see a clean record fro 5 years after the end of probation. A person with a...
I need to prove that DUI case and Sentences is complete.
I am applying Green Card and have 2 DUI. First one is 12 years ago, and Second is 10 years ago. I need to prove DUI case and Sentences is complete. I got transcripts from both Courthouse. But, Transcript which is least DUI state "On probation" at last page. I am worry about bad impression. How can I obtain a printout more reflecting that information?
Are you doing this with the help of an attorney? If so ask him or her. If you are doing this on your own you should...