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In New Hampshire you don't get a public defender for your first DUI.
i cant afford one, how should I present myself. As as a lawyer or as a defendant?
Public Defenders are only available in cases where jail time is possible. DWI first offense carries penalties...
Im representing myself in my DWI case can i win.
the officer only read to number 5 he didn't read me 6 which states if I declined a blood test I will automatically lose my license.I asked him twice what is the difference between picking and not taking the blood test.the officer replied it can be used against you in a court of law and the blood test is more accurate than the breathalyzer test.I ask him 2 additional times while still sitting in the car at the scene, and he responded with same answer both times..it can be used against you in a court of lawin the blood test is a more accurate test.at this point I verbally declined the blood test. When we went to the station I read through number 6. At this point I questioned him I said you said It can be used against me in a court of law. I said... this says you will automatically loose your
You have as much of a chance winning your own DUI case as you do pulling your own teeth.
I'm heading for my hearing with the DMV.I'm wondering what I should expecting whether or not I should bring a lawyer.
re I was informed that if I didn't get a blood test I would automatically lose my license.
A local attorney would have to answer this for you as each state's rules/laws differ. However, in general driving is...
If I decline a blood test verbally in the car.can I change my mind when I get back to the police station and get the blood test
it was only about 25 minutes after the arrest.the officer also did not inform me that if I refuse the test that I would automatically lose my license.he informed me that if I declined the test that it could be a missable in a court of law.
I would suggest requesting the booking video this would show you asked for the blood test. However the officers usually...
Dose a phone call from someone constitute probable cause in a dwi case for a pull over.
can i sapena the police department for the record
It depends on what the phone caller says. If the phone caller is a driver following a car that is weaving from lane to...
If a disabled veteran goes to jail for reckless driving and DUI can they lose their disability benefit?
He is married with no children. Thinking about divorcing his wife. She has a drug problem and charged $4,000 on his credit card in two months on marijuana.
No. If you go to prison, you VA disability MAY be reduced while you are in prison, but you won't lose them.
Do I need to claim a DUI from English 22 years ago when applying for Canadian Residency? Will this hurt by chances of approval?
I am British, my wife is Canadian and we are filling out the Canadian Residency Forms. My DUI has now been spent since it was so long ago
You really should have a qualified immigration attorney advise you based upon your entire record. You obviously need...