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Is it against the law to have a concealed weapons permit while you are on probation for a DUI.
They have denied me twice the first time Because i "had no reason" and the last time they simply told me it was because I was on probation and to come back when I'm off. I live in Kings County California
It's not a matter of it being against the law. Unfortunately, each law enforcement agency has their own rules...
I went for a job and was turned away because I was told I had a felony in 2010. I feel this is discrimination. I had DUI in 2010
I had DUI 2010 with injury to the passenger. All was settled out of court and has been completed except for me finishing paying the fine--due to the fact I cannot find a job.
You have been discriminated against, and it is probably legal. Injury by DUI is a felony in Wisconsin and I suspect in...
I received a DUI in Lemoore, California back in October, 2012 (first offense) and I requested a DMV hearing in November, had a l
First offense I'm military, stationed in California with a UT drivers license
There is no question here.
Statute of limitations on issuing a warrant for a DUI w/ injuries
I had a motorcycle accident 3 years ago, in which a passenger & I were both injured. No charges were ever bought against me at the time. Now, 3 years later, I was served a warrant for felony charges for that accident. Is this legal?
The statute of limitations on a DUI w/injuries, a felony, is three years. If they charged you within the three you...
Is it legal for a prospective employer to disqualify me from the application process due to a one-time misdemeanor DUI?
I have a 4-year-old California DUI conviction. This is a one-time human mistake I regret and have learned from. I successfully completed all court requirements and am no longer on informal probation. I previously worked as a county CPS social worker, however was laid off 1 year ago due to budget issues. I recently applied for the same job with a different county. However, I received notice that due to the number of job applicants, a screening committee was convened to select those applicants with the best qualifications to continue in the examination process. There are not that many people in my area with child protective service experience. I have 5 years experience in the job I applied for, yet I was subsequently disqualified from it. Is this legal? Could it be simply because of the DUI?
The reason you were not selected for the position could be a number of factors. Many times there are job openings where...
If you are on probation for DUI, can you go to the bar with friends who are drinking?
I'm on probation for 5 years. Can I still go to the bar with my friends even though I'm on probation? Can I get arrested for that? Can they get arrested for being with me?
It depends on the terms of your probation. I assume it's DUI probation you're on, correct? If so, one of the terms...
Can you get arrested if you are driving other car than your car that have installed breathalyzer?
can you get arrested if you are driving other car and you have a court order that you have to drive your car that have breathalyzer?
Most likely yes if your sentence was not to operate a motor vehicle without a properly installed ignition interlock...