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  • Stabbing victim doesn't press charges

    Wednesday Oct 8 | via The Coastal Courier 

    Reports recently filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include: Sept. 8 Armed robbery - A 30-year old Midway man reported to a LCSO deputy that he was robbed at gun point in his convenience store on Leroy Coffer Highway around 2 a.m. He said a suspect wearing black jeans, a black jacket with a hood and red bandanna covering his face pulled a handgun and ordered him to open both cash registers.


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I took a breath test and blew a .05. There is nothing only my ticket about my BAC. Only that i had alcohol in my system while operating a motor vehicle under the age of 21.
That's all that is required to convict you under the law. You need to avoid posting any additional information about...
We are trying to make a change in his life and to those he is associated with so his children will not go down the same path. He is stating that his Parole officer said he can not relocate I have a hard time believing him because he has lied in the past and we only want to do what is right for our daughter and grandchildren. I believe he is just making statements so my daughter will not leave using the children as a pressure hold. My wife and I are going to go to NC in a week to discuss this with them and I want to make sure I am understanding the rules of the states.
When you say parole I assume you mean that this person is on supervised probation in NC for a DWI offense. The short...
This was my second DWI in 6 monthes. My vehicle was taken and I payed my lawyer $3500.00. I had the worse judge in New Hanover County. I want my case taken before a jury because I believe the officer had no probable cause to pull me over. How do I appeal and what are my chances of winning the case with a court appointed attorney?
Winning or losing a case depends more on the facts of each individual case rather than whether the attorney is...
I requested a blood test but deputy said if witness not here in specific time period we will go ahead with breath analyzer. They were there but did not allow back with me.
Without knowing all the facts it sounds like you might have some grounds for appeal. You should definitely consult with...
I was charged with DWI and Reckless driving. No prior convictions for DUI but have had a prior DWLR that I used a Prayer for Judgment for in Wake County and also a DWLR/Hit RunPropDamage that was dismissed in New Hanover County. I blew .20, stupidly admitted to drinking and submitted to FST, and my license was valid/current. There were no grossly aggrevating factors and other than the info above no aggrevating factors. i was very cooperative and honest with the officer. What are possible outcomes? I am married with a small child (not in the car at time of DWI) and would like to try and get LDP. Is this a possiblity?
Retain a seasoned DWI attorney. Most give free initial consults. Good luck.
Charged with DWI in NC, March, 2013 with two prior DWI convictions. The first conviction was in 1989, over 24 years ago; the second conviction was in 1994, over 19 years ago. What is the maximum level of punishment I could receive if I were to plead guilty without any representation? I have had my drug and alcohol assessment and completed all of the classes. This was done voluntarily. There were no accidents or any sort of aggravating factors. I fell asleep while sitting in my car outside of my apartment building where smoking was not permitted, and had the unfortunate luck of being found this way by the police. The keys were in the ignition, my seat was laid back as far as it would go, and the driver's side door was open. Thank you for your time in this matter.
Based on only the above information, you could be found at level 3, 4, or 5 facing up to 6 months active time. Also,...
I received a DWI Saturday in North Carolina. I am a SC resident with SC license. In NC they immediately revoke your driving privileges. They also took my actual driver's license. However I want to know if I can drive in SC right now?
You should be able to get your SC license back by paying the $100 civil revocation fine. Either way, your NC privileges...