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Will I get D.U.I ? Can i fight my license being suspended.
My truck was in a one car accident. Another person that was in the truck got serious injured. The cops showed up asking who truck was it, for my driver license and what happen. Than ask if I am prescribe anything, an can I drive while taking them. I past a sobriety test. Nothing else was said. The EMT came over an told me I was going to the hospital for evaluation. I was checked out an signed papers saying I did not need no further treatment. I went check on the other person in the car. Told come back 30 mins they were going to do cat scans. I left hospital called family. While I was going back to hospital about 40 mins later, a cop came up to me put arms around my chest an told me I was going to get blood work done. I refused an asked why the an next thing I was arrested.
Yes, you will be charged with a DUI and considering there was a serious accident in this case, you could be possibly...
Do you have to go to the police station to be charged with a dui?
my daughter was sitting in the drivers seat with the car on. Police came shestarted throwing up, they took her to the hospitsal n drew blood, then realsed n was told it will come in the mail...will she be charged with a dui? And will she be arrested?
No you don't have to go to police station. Many times when people are arrested they are taken right to the hospital...
Can i get a dui?
Me, my boyfriend, and my friend were driving to my boyfriends moms house. On way there a lady and her husband were in the middle of road stuck with camper and were yelling out window at us, we got into a yelling match and then left. Three hours later after the fact, we were back home drinking and the police came and took us in and said we were both getting dui's and we weren't even behind the wheel of any vehicles, we were sitting around my kitchen table. I have a cold and i was coughing when they tried to give me a breathalizer and the cop said thats refusal. Should we fight? and could we both get charged with dui's when we weren't actually drinking and driving?
You should contact a local dui attorney. Most likely there is more to that story...
Have not received summons for court for being arrested for suspicion of DUI of marijuana. What is going on?
Was arrested by state trooper for suspicion of DUI of marijuana because friend was smoking pipe in my car. My friend admitted to having paraphanelia and marijuana, all of which was his. Blood work was done and I was told it would take 5 days for results. My friend received the court summons paper about 2 weeks after the incident, but I have not received any summons or charges in over a month. Am I still being charged?
they might be just moving forward with charges against your friend. you can probably call the district attorney to...
Zero tolerance probation in carbon county pa
I was placed on the ard program last week for dui. I was not very well informed as far as when I would be hearing from my probation officer and when drug testing will be. All they said was I will hear from the PO within a couple weeks. The judge ordered zero tolerance so I am assuming I will be tested at some point. I tried asking the probation intake lady how much notice is given since I will have to take time off work to go to the courthouse to submit the test. Approximatley how soon can I expect a test or some sort of contact from my probation officer? It would be nice to be able to give some sort of proper notice to my employer of when I'll be needing to take a couple hours off work to submit to testing.
As you probably understand, if you successfully complete ARD, the charges are dismissed, and you are able to have the...
I just got a DUI in PA where I am on parole I have been on parole for 6 years My original sentence was 15 y to 34 y.
I just got a DUI in PA where I am on parole I have been on parole for 6 years My original sentence was 15 y to 34 y I was paroled on my minimum The way I read the law is that I will have to do my unexpired backtime before I will be paroled again I will not live that long I have a much younger wife and we are struggling to keep our house from foreclosure as it is I just really need to know if I will have to do all of my backtime (and die in prison) or, if it is as my parole agent says, only going to be a year or a year and a half back in prison Please don't tell me to get a good lawyer as we are having trouble getting food and gasoline so that we can survive right now Please help, I don't think I deserve to die in prison for one mistake I have made recently
I know you don't want to hear it, but you MUST get a lawyer on your case as soon as possible, who is experienced in the...
Got a DUI before being put on ARD for something else.
I got a dui, when i was involved in an accident. This was DEC 26th, i got put on ARD march 3rd for 12 months. Im going to court for the DUI april 4th. Thank you in advance, i know i need a lawyer
I am a CA attorney. The fact that you were involved in accident I believe makes you ineligible for ARD. Retain a PA DUI...