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DDoes my husband have to takeclasses for a 20+ year old DUI??
He took DUI classes before but was arrested for child support befoe he could go to last class and get certificate but paid all fines does he have to take them again its been over 20 years and no other violations have occurred he has no driving record at all since 1993 .
If DMV or the Court says he does need to take classes. In S.C. a DUI/DUAC is both a motor and misdemeanor criminal...
Can a DUI misdemeanor arrest (waiting for criminal court jury trial) cost me a job offer as a nurse practitioner?
I was arrested almost a year ago, still waiting for my court date. My driver license suspension has been lifted immediately after my charge. I applied for a nurse practitioner job and they extended an offer pending my SLED background check. This is my only arrest, I am confident this will be pled down to a lesser charge and even possibly dismissed. I am worried this arrest not yet settled with a conviction will effect my offer.
Possibly, depending on the questions asked, which should be answered truthfully. I suggest your consulting with a...
Can I get a cdl permit if I've been convicted of a first offense DUAC in South Carolina
I'm 27 and received my duac may 15 2015. My license comes off suspension when I complete adsap in 2 more weeks . Other than that my records clean.
You should call the S.C. DMV for a correct answer to this question. They are the licensing body. If you feel that you...
In the military stationed in South Carolina with a FL driver's license and got a DUI,
Refused to blow so my driving privileges were suspended in SC until 11/15/15. FL DUI law says first offense is one year, Will that apply to me? if so could I get a SC driver license after 11/15/15? I own a home in SC and my car is registered in SC.
In SC if you refuse to blow it is called a violation of the implied cosent law. My advice is to pay the 200.00 fee to...
I got charge with a DUI in the state of South Carolina In 2014
I have a drivers license from another state and I got charge with a DUI in 2014 and they want me to take a class which I was using a friend car and I was trying to turn around and go back to The house but the car got stuck I did 32 days in jail but o was taking to the hospital because I was not feeling good ,I just want to know could I get my DUI dropped or do I got to still take the classes
If you stand charged, but not convicted of DUI, you would be well advised to hire a criminal defense attorney who...
Sc highway patrol or dmv ruined my driving record with inaccurate information
Abt 3 years ago i was a victim in a hit and run. The other driver was arrested but charges dismissed bc officer was arrested and fired for domestic violence. I never looked at my driving record until i was informed by my insurance agent that reason im paying high rates is due to the hit and run(at fault). So for 2.5 years i have been paying high premiums bc of this "error". What can i do? Sure i can probably make calls to have it changed on my record which i will do monday but they way i figure it is im out abt 6000 dollars for there mistake. Not to mention i called a trucking company that i applied for a driving job 2 years ago and asked why was i passed up and thay said bc of hot and run on my record. So i ask who gets sued to recoup my lost money and missed job oppurtunity?
Your biggest problem right now is the statute of limitations may have run already, typically 3 years, and you have...
Is South Carolina a state that remove administrative suspension from the record after a DUI has been dismissed?
The DMV want remove fees and fines after my dismissed DUI
This is a question for your attorney who knows all facts, evidence, and the precise decision of the Court. The DMV is...