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I'm trying to get my license back after having it taken for 5 years in Virginia Do I need a lawyer to represent me in court ?
3rd DUI and trying to reinstate my license
It is highly encouraged to have a lawyer represent you, as there will likely being a hearing for reinstatement. For...
Got charged with DUI maiming. Charged got dropped to a DUI, first offence, in compliance with the plea deal.
1. When I spend 24 days in jail for the charge will ICE place a detainer or hold on me? 2. I'm in removal proceedings already because of a possession of marijuana charge I was found guilty for[less than 3 grams]. Upon returning to the states from vacation I was flagged.and given a notice to appear and my court date is setup. 3. Will I be involved with ICE upon completion of my 24 days sentence. How will the DUI conviction affect me?
Even though these questions relate to criminal law, they are really immigration questions. I am transferring your...
I am eligible for a restricted license and I have printed out the application and filled it out and have also paid all fines
what do i need to do next
Go to the clerk's office in the jurisdiction where the underlying offense occurred and request to have your restricted...
Is there a way to have reversed a guilty charge (I paid a fine by mail) for DIP (not drunk; .001) in Loudoun County, VA?
i was at a vineyard in loudoun county, va, sitting at a table on the deck with 3 others; went to the bathroom; two policemen were standing at the door to the deck as I came outside. A third policeman was at the end of the walkway holding back the many people on the deck. I, alone, was arrested, taken to the police car; policeman took my purse. I was driven to jail. My breath test was a reading of .001 ... two officers saw the reading and i asked them to show it to me. I paid the fine. Now I understand I am guilty by paying. Never ever had police problem before.
It depends on how long ago you paid the ticket. If your court date has not yet come up, the clerk may allow you to...
I got a dwls it's my third one but the only one I have got from when I got a dwi and I am in ASAP classes now
And will be done will classes in a mouth what is going to happin at my court date and I have have not told my ASAP nor have the ASAP has found out what will happin on my court date
You've got a lot going on here, and it seems obvious that the ASAP program will eventually find out about the new...
I have two DWI 1st offenses and was arrested for another. Charged with DWI 2nd can it be amended to 3rd?
In 2007 was convicted of a DWI 1st where I blew a .05 as a minor. In 2010 I was arrested and charged with a DWI 2nd which was amended to a DWI 1st. Last weekend leaving a bar a bouncer told me if I left my car in their parking lot it would get towed. While moving my car a cop approached me and next thing you know I'm taken to jail for felony DWI 3rd and refusal to take a breathalyzer 2nd offense while the cab I called was pulling up. The magistrate changed the charge to a DWI 2nd. When I go to court can they change it back to a felony DWI 3rd ?
Was your first DWI, the one in 2007, a DWI or a "baby DUI"? Under the "baby DUI" law it is illegal for anyone under the...
Need legal help for an old case, Thanks.
My first ever run in with the law in 2007 I was arrested on the side of the road and failed the sobriety test, I blew a .5. I went to court it was reduced to wreckless driving. Like an Idiot I never took the asap classes but paid all fees ordered by the court. Like an Idiot I ignored the problem, I very very rarely drink or do anything dumb in life. So since 2007 I have run from this problem, I moved to TN, now married and 2 kids, I really want this monkey off my back. I have a warrant out for my arrest for comtempt of court, trial by Jury, simply it scares me, but Im ready to deal with this. Where do I start, I live in East TN, and the case is in Northern, VA. Im ready to move forward, Thank you, greatly, for your assistance!
You have a complicated set of problems. To begin, I believe you will need to retain criminal defense counsel who can...