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A DUI in Ohio, then 3 years later 1 in Indiana, I'm facing a felony, my attorney said to plead guilty, can the felony be reduced
I'm a 61 year old contract Mfg. Engineer that travels, in both situations there were no accidents, I live in Miami, and now working in LA. My criminal record is clear. I was also owner of a mortgage company in Fl. and the state on renewal of my license asked me to surrender my licenses, due to a pending Felony, this was a tremendous financial burden. I was let go from the healthcare company in Warsaw I worked for because they found out about the pending Felony charge. I also hold a US coast guard office license and an Insurance license that I'm sure they will say the same upon renewal. I have spent thousands in court appearances, flights and hotels. this incident happened over 1-1/2 ago. Can the judgment come back with a reduction to a misdemeanor? Can I ask and receive perhaps house arrest where I can work with a tracking device? The plea was 60 days in jail and Felony, and my attorney recommended that I take it because the judge could change it to 2-1/2 years in jail. Is there anything I could propose, my attorney is not returning any of my calls and judgment day is Nov 3 in Warsaw IN. Do you have any suggestions? I will be out of work again and will be in dire straights.
Yes the law allows for it to be entered as a misdemeanor. All of the things you've mentioned are great reasons why you...
Can I do online since I have no specified location it has to be certified in
I am a bartender as a second job. I pleaded guilty to dui as I did not have money to go to trial. My sentence was 60 days suspended license, fees, 24 hours in jail and a victim impact panel. I made this deal because on the alcohol permit renewal form it states that can't renew if you are on probation. I sent in forms showing I was not sentenced to probation. Now the state has kept my money and says I have to complete a certified alcohol course. Since I was never court ordered I don't know where to go and would prefer to do online. Since this wasn't a part of my sentence can I choose?
I would imagine yes, but you may want to agency holding your license to confirm.
Is jail time mandatory for an OWI in Kosciusko County?
I was pulled over at a checkpoint and had a BAC of .12 over the weekend. I've never been arrested before and have a perfect record. This would be a first time offense for me. I was told by an attorney in Kosciusko County that 72 hours of jail time with a 90 license suspension. would be my sentence. My jail time would be reduced based on time served in the holding cell. I have no problem with the license suspension, I'm wondering if there is any options for jail time. I'm wanting to do the least amount of jail time possible. Even if community service is not an option, I'm fine with having to take courses , classes, and any assessments. I was told by the attorney that Kosciusko County does not do any plea bargains for OWI cases.
Sadly, the attorney may be right. While Indiana has no required jail sentence for a first-time DUI offense, the...
I got a dui in 2010 in Indiana I just got another one in Michigan what will happen my license are still valid will it affect it
will my license be suspened soon
You need to look at the paperwork you received from the police officer. It should contain information related to your...
A lady came on my property intoxicated would not leave she spit on me so i hit her in face...leaving few bruises...?
prosecutor is charging me which i cant believe considering she spit on me and was on my property and have had documents of previuos incidents w her. i am not on probation. i do have a recod a class c felony and a class d felony from about five years ago completed probation well and been off for over a yr and a half what do you think will come out of this is it worth geting an attorney and why didnt they get her for assual i pressed charges as well????
Next time call the cops. Don't ever hit a lady in the face. You need an attorney. They didn't get her because you...
My son was arrested for Public Intoxication what can he expect?
He had been on house arrest and had been released only a few weeks earlier but in another county for dui he was not driving but walked across the street to the gas station
That depends on what county he was arrested in and whether or not he was on probation for the other case at the time of...
What can i do to petition court to dispunge an old reckless off my record that was in 1994?
App. for job they did a ncic ck on me well Had one 1994,2002,2009 any ways the Bmv Just Notified me that there going to susped licence for hubitual traffic offinder.. is there anything i can do? I have a CDL & Twit card they reserced everthing and now they want to do this I have to Have My Licence to provide for my familly.. Please Help???? Thank You..
The new BMV computer program has been causing many instances such as this. Unfortunately, there is no cookie-cutter...