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  • Leesburg machete attack wounds man, woman at homeles...

    21 hrs ago | via The Orlando Sentinel 

    A machete-wielding man on Friday attacked and wounded two sleeping residents of a homeless encampment in the woods in Leesburg, according to an arrest affidavit. Tracy Albert William Dick, who was arrested on charges of attempted felony murder and burglary, began swinging the weapon after barging into the tent where his estranged girlfriend had taken refuge, the document states.


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  • Leesburg police investigating threats against shooti...

    Friday Jul 17 | via The Orlando Sentinel 

    The 22-year-old man shot Wednesday near an open field in Leesburg had received threats a couple of days earlier, according to authorities. Investigators with the Leesburg Police Department are following leads to see if the two incidents are connected, Lt.


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  • Man, 26, killed by flesh-eating virus after swimming...

    Jun 21, 2015 | via Daily Mail 

    Amazing grace of the people of Charleston: Streets fall silent as massacre church bells toll nine times in memory of each victim in emotional but joyous first service since racist killer struck Hillary Clinton calls for 'common sense' gun control after Charleston shooting and says 'race remains a deep fault line in America' Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof 'tried to kill himself after murdering nine people in brutal massacre but ran out of bullets' South Carolina governor says Charleston massacre gunman should 'absolutely' be put to death but state lacks one of the drugs needed for lethal injections EXCLUSIVE: Australian billionaire James Packer and Mariah Carey 'looked like a normal, affectionate couple' as they shared fettuccine with zucchini and a pizza on romantic dinner date Retired child actor who played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace arrested after car ... (more)


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License Revoked 1 year for DUI. Can I wait 1 year before getting FR44, since I can't drive? Other options on my details below?
2nd DUI outside of 10+ years .156 BAC. Pulled over for 'Observation' of Speed. Finger to Nose Perfect, Camera missed feet/legs in heel to toe test, no swaying. Pen test ok (ambliopyia in right eye). Administrative Review Hearing Invalidated the Suspension, though the Criminal case revoked it 1 year. My lawyer claims the FLHSMV Reviewing Officer said that I could get my BPO/Hardship within 30 days after DUI II Course Completion because of the Invalidation. FL Statute clearly says 2nd DUI is 1 year Revoke/Suspension with no Hardship, and the judge cannot deviate. Defense Attorney claimed it to be a gray area, not B&W. Sounds like he lied too take the $$$, plea out and avoid trial. Added all the details for the heck of it. Any suggestions, comments, facts would be greatly appreciated
You obviously have a good handle on the facts and the law that applies to your case. It also appears that you are not...
I was involved in a minor accident and cited for careless driving, no one was injured thank God!
I was being prescribed 10mg. methadone, for pain resulting from failed surgi. synd.. An Officer arrived on the scene approx. 10 min. later, asked me if I was okay, I said yes, and he went to the other vehicle and asked the same, she said she was okay too. I was coming home from shopping, so I tried to put everything in the trunk-groceries, garmin, radar detector, my prescription, check book etc. I had called my dad in the mean time (before FHP arrived) to take all my stuff out of the car so it wouldn't go bad, get stolen, etc. My script was 1 of them-I was arrested for dui cause he asked me if I had taken any "drugs"? Truth btold, b-cause I wasn't mirandized and tried to cooperate. Hetold me to lean o/t back of my car facing his. I start to pray, I am very pious, he cuff me-no miranda
You should call a criminal attorney in Leesburg - there are attorneys listed on this site - and not post any additional...
Boyfriend never received a ticket for DUI. How does he get his license back?
Back in February of this year, my boyfriend was working on his dirt bike in the front yard. Something happend with the throttle and the bike took off with him on it down the rode. He ended up under neath a truck, unconsious. Police came. They took him to the hospital, and took a BAC without consent. His CDL was disqualified, but his was able to get a Class E license back in August. He was told he needed to go to DUI school. But all of the required documents that he needs seems to be no where to be found. His was never given a ticket, no charges were filed, nothing ever came in the mail. And he does not know the results of his BAC. DMV says he needs to go to school to get license back. But cant, because noone as any record of a ticket, or anything. What can he do?
Unfortunately, it sounds like you waited too long. He could have challenged the suspension of his license when you got...
Husband was arrested on his 3rd dui. 1 over 10 yrs ago 1 under 10 yrs. He's a perm. resident lives in FL. what should I expect?
My husband was arrested on his 3rd dui last night. we live in Florida. He is a permant resident. What should I expect as far as consequences?
Typically a 3rd DUI in Florida continues to be a misdemeanor but that is not always the case. You should retain an...
Someone I know went to sentencing on a DUI and it was continued to a pretrial conference, how and why would that be possible?
The person has priors and his point is at the limit where probation is not a choice.
It sounds like he was set for a plea and then decided not to enter a plea at that time. If someone does not plea, the...
DUI Video Evidence was modified, and is missing the first 10+ minutes, a very CONVENIENT block of time to be missing.
Try to keep it simple here: Was pulled over by a friend/coworker and let go with a "Warning, of Observation of Speed". It was 40 degrees with 10+ wind. I was only wearing shorts and a "T-shirt", but I got out of my car to BS with him for a bit. It got cold, blowing warm air into my hands and my legs were shaking, so I said "it's freezing, I'm going to get home, have a safe night, see you at work". At that point his SGT pulls up, says he smells beer, I end up in jail. The police report was made by the initial officer stating he immediately smelled alcohol, and FST requested immediately. Remember he was letting me go!? (Stop laughing) I just saw the body cam video, it begins with me wearing a "jacket", which I requested at time of FST. False Police Report? Body Cam Missing 10+ min?
This is a common allegation, and in the vast majority of cases, it is utterly meaningless. The police don't turn on...
2nd DUI outside of 10+ years in Florida. DL Suspension/BPO? Read F.S's. E-mailed, Phoned..3 Contradicting answers.
1st DUI was 12 years ago. 2nd DUI, Plead Nolo/Guilty, blew both times. My lawyer told me that I'd get a BPO/Hardship immediately. Criminal Judge placed Special Condition "SUSPENSION of 12 months". FLHSMV website says "REVOCATION", does not state for how long. Difference in TERMINOLOGY? 322.271, F.S. and 322.28, F.S. say B. 2nd DUI offense outside of 5 years refer to 'A'. 'A' states, 180 days to 1 year suspension. Email response from FLHSMV verbatim says "Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, when you have a 2nd DUI offense not within 5 years of the 1st conviction, you are not eligible to apply for a hardship license. You will be eligible to reinstate your license on March 10th, 2016." Sounds like a 3rd DUI, contradiction? Where do I spark the fire to get my BPO? Help plz :)
This is why mechanics shouldn't perform brain surgery. I've seen countless numbers of people told by counsel that they...