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Do I have a statue of limitation on a dui in Pennsylvania for a trial?
They have no proffered of a dui no blood draw no breath test no refusal and the field test was not done on flat level ground like the cop says also he gave wrong dates and also sent me to the wrong police station to be finger printed ?
You raise a variety of issues that should be discussed in person with a criminal defense attorney. The statute of...
Will a speeding ticket going 35 in a 25 affect my driving priviledge with an interlock license?
I have had interlock for 8 months without violations!
Generally speaking, no it won't because you aren't violating the conditions of alcohol with the IID
I told the cops my bf pulled his gun on me when i was drunk on my bi polar meds and he didnt i can barly rem. the night.
i told the cop it didnt happen because i was so screwed up whats gonna happen to me.
Not surprisingly, nobody here is going to be able to answer your question as posted. You would do well to speak...
DUI: If police didnt see you driving the vehicle, but a hearsay witness did...can you still be charged with a DUI?
My fiance got a dui. Its technically his 3rd but they charged him with a 1st offense. The bolt snapped in the car and the car ran into a ditch, he couldnt get the car out so decided to leave on foot for his ride. A witness said that he seen him driving. The cops did not see him drive...they drove past him on foot according to the affidavit approx. .4 miles away. Can he still be charged with a DUI if the police did not find him behind the wheel of the vehicle? Wouldnt it just be hearsay from the witness? All charges for this case: DUI, DUI highest rate (.197), disregard traffic lane, abandoning vehicle, careless driving. He cant afford a lawyer, and we would need to get married or i would need to take him for support in order to get a public defender. Thank you for your time.
If he cant afford a layer, a public defender will be appointed for him, if the DA is seeking jail. Yes, he can still...
Arrested for dui while I was in bed is that possible?
I was texting in my phone and an ambulance called the police stating I was all over the road. I probably was. Anyways 10 minutes later a cop comes into my room gets me out of bed and arrest me for dui. I go to the station pass his breathalyzer and he was not happy with that and wanted me to go to the hospital for blood work I said no.
It is possible to be arrested even after you were not in your car. The police have a two hour window in which to arrest...
Can I be charged with anything?
A coworker is stating that he gave me a controlled substance. There is no physical evidence if this (no drugs). I did speak to an officer (I was not detained) and told him at the time that I knew what it was when the coworker gave it to me as I thought it was prescription strength ibuprofen. I later found out that was not the case and that it was a controlled substance. I did inform the officer of this revelation. Can or will I be charged with anything?
On the facts as you describe them it would be tough to cbarge you. The charge is possession and they would be entirely...
I was just placed on ARD for a first offense DUI in Pennsylvania. I am traveling to Canada for a hunting trip.
Is there any documentation that I can take with me to enable my entry into Canada as I was made aware that Canada will not permit you to enter the country if you have a DUI conviction in the states. I have been told that an ARD is not a conviction in Pennsylvania but I need to know about traveling to Canada on this trip. I have already expended a considerable amount of money for the trip and don't want to be turned away by customs at the airport. Thank you.
ARD is not a conviction anywhere, this characterization is not limited to just Pennsylvania. It is an adjudication....