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I had surgery and the insurance company didn't pay the "full amount" of the bill. The bill included charges for my be intubated for the surgery, but that wasn't "pre-approved" by the insurance company so they didn't pay for it. So now I received a letter saying my license would be suspended for the unpaid portion of the bill
Was a lawsuit already filed? Is there a judgment?
Also,,how long will he lose his license for? We had been out for lunch 1:30; he had three glasses of wine; we left at 4:30. Later that evening he went to play in a poker tournament only had club soda. Got arrested around 10:30 pm outside our home. Someone said he drove erratically and followed him home and called the police. The police say he blew a .07. He is a diabetic.
Because he has three prior convictions, he is facing sentencing (IF HE IS CONVICTED) as a 3rd statutory offender...
I am choosing not to attend a "treatment" post IDRC. Is a 2 jail mandatory or just my license will be affected?
Answer: It is very likely that you will not only be sentenced to the 48 hours of jail, but also not be able to get...
I got charged for DWI, also I didn't even get the letter to come to court due to the fact that they had the wrong address. I have court this month and my public defender is not contacting me back at all.
Answer: If you are planning on pleading guilty to DWI, depending on the number of DWI convictions you have had in the...
Currently living in Texas, but I was charged in NJ.
NJ does not impose probation for DWI. THe sentence would include a license suspension (that Texas will probably enforce)...
It was approximately 1 year ago.
It would depend on what the NJ real estate license application asks. A driving while intoxicated is not a crime in NJ,...
I was in a minor accident n want to get the car fixed but the cops haven't released it yet. Why? Are they looking for evidence? I hope they don't find any drugs in the car. They've been nice and said no charges, but now I'm getting worried! And my ex-b#+#+# threatened to tell the police that I was drunk driving! Do u think there holding my car cuz she narked on me?
It is hard to say what is going down. Do not post incriminating statements on the Web! They may try to get a warrant to...