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I had surgery and the insurance company didn't pay the "full amount" of the bill. The bill included charges for my be intubated for the surgery, but that wasn't "pre-approved" by the insurance company so they didn't pay for it. So now I received a letter saying my license would be suspended for the unpaid portion of the bill
Was a lawsuit already filed? Is there a judgment?
hello, I'm 17 years old and live in new jersey. I recently got into a car accident and do not have a license. moreover, the car is 100% unfixable and I drove into the state fence. after the accident, they took me to the hospital and took an urine test and I failed because I smoked week that week. furthermore, the policeman gave me 2 tickets, one for careless driving and the other one for not having a license.
Hire a lawyer. You need to look at the tickets to see what charges are against you. If they are just traffic...
Is it possible to obtain drivers license when I am waiting for court appearance for driving with expired license . Do the DMV will issue the license or will reject my request
If you haven't been convicted by the Court for driving with an expired license, DMV shouldn't have a problem renewing it.
Also,,how long will he lose his license for? We had been out for lunch 1:30; he had three glasses of wine; we left at 4:30. Later that evening he went to play in a poker tournament only had club soda. Got arrested around 10:30 pm outside our home. Someone said he drove erratically and followed him home and called the police. The police say he blew a .07. He is a diabetic.
Because he has three prior convictions, he is facing sentencing (IF HE IS CONVICTED) as a 3rd statutory offender...
I am choosing not to attend a "treatment" post IDRC. Is a 2 jail mandatory or just my license will be affected?
Answer: It is very likely that you will not only be sentenced to the 48 hours of jail, but also not be able to get...
It was approximately 1 year ago.
It would depend on what the NJ real estate license application asks. A driving while intoxicated is not a crime in NJ,...
I got charged for DWI, also I didn't even get the letter to come to court due to the fact that they had the wrong address. I have court this month and my public defender is not contacting me back at all.
Answer: If you are planning on pleading guilty to DWI, depending on the number of DWI convictions you have had in the...