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Do I need a lawyer for a dui hit and run arrest, nobody was injured as I know of?
Arrested for a dui hit and run, have court in a month and was wondering if I should get a lawyer. I know I'm already facing many fines and getting a lawyer sounds expensive. Would I be fine just showing up to court?
Dui with an accident usually carries jail time in most counties. Best chance to avoid jail is to hire a local...
What's the benefit hiring YourDuiSolutions to take care of my dui?
I got arrested for a dui and a hit and run, 1st time arrested for anything. YourDuiSolutions called me stating they can help out with this matter by taking care of the SR 22 without my insurance knowing and my insurance will not go up for the next 3 years. Also help out with the lowest dui classes and get my license suspension down to only a month. Does anyone have any info on them, they are located out of Garden Grove, CA.
This company is an insurance company, not a lawyer. I don't typically recommend you with these "flashy" businesses,...
Will my car be covered through my insurance if it was a dui accident?
I rear ended a vehicle and left the scene, later was arrested with a dui and hit and run. My car that I still owe $ 15000 is totaled according to the adjuster, I'm waiting for my insurance company to call me about the incident. A claim is already filed but they don't know it's a dui yet. My insurance is USAA.
Should be still covered by your insurance
Charged with DUI as a juvenile
What happens when u get charged for a DUI as a juvenile but got dismissed in court. Later after turning 18 u get arrested again for DUI ..WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES AND CAN the DA refile
Juvenile matters are adjudications rather than convictions, so not priorable even if you had been prosecuted. DMV is...
Will my husband get a early release due to a 3rd DUI?
My husband is doing a 18 month sentence with half for a 3rd DUI he was supposed to serve 8 months he has 66 days left he has not gotten into any trouble while serving his time will he get released earlier than his release date?
DUI offenses are rarely federal crimes. I will change your practice area to allow my colleagues in CA to guide you....
For a second DUI what does 46 days mean for twin towers County jail?
My boyfriend was set to surrender today Jan 19, 2017... he was sentenced 46 days in Twin Towers LA County jail.. my question is, how long will he actually be in their? BTW, he was sentenced for a 2nd dui offense. So does that mean he does all 46 days, or half?
He does half of 46. In LA county, he'll probably be out within the week, due to overcrowding.
2 charges in dui case
23152e driving under the influence of a drug ? Guilty. and 2nd charge ?11550A use/under the influence of controlled substance? Aquitted .from a 2010 dui arrest that I just took to trial and lost 9/27/2016 I don't understand theseverdics because I was originally arrested for driving under the influence of controlled substance ?
Forgive me, but I don't understand your question.