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My friend in jail being chargws with Her fourth dui. How much time is she looking at b
My friend in jail being charged with a 4thdui . She is 32.She received the first two dui's before 18. 3rd in 2007 last in 2012
Your question is impossible to answer without a lot more information. Contact a local qualified criminal defense...
Boyfriend got a DUI in the state of Maryland and we live in Pennsylvania
his last DUI was 1992 in Pennsylvania all three prior where in PA this fourth one in Maryland concerned about losing house job license. If he loses his license want to try to get at least a pass to drive to work Charges are insufficient breath failure to follow instructions- driving while impaired- driving while under the influence and neglegent driving... 22 yrs between dui. Not sure what the laws are in Maryland for this
This appears to be a repeat question already addressed by several attorneys, including me. Please understand that your...
My boyfriend received his fourth DUI out of state need advice on lawyes and how to proceed
last DUI was in Pennsylvania in 1992. Need to get a good Lawyer that is reasonable in price we do not have allot of money. He is worried about losing his house, license and job. Hoping he can get a working pass to drive. Charges are insufficient breath says failed to follow instructions - negligent driving- driving while impaired and driving under influinfluence
In order to know how best to answer the question, attorneys will need to know which state was the one where he received...
Had dui 11-12 years ago. I had the ARD. Last nite I got another DUI I think its in the 3rd tier. What is my worse case scenario
I was compliant both times. if jailtime is in my future is there anyway I can get house arrest? Im a single mother with 2 boys, I have no proper care for them, no family near by. Please help, direct me towards the right direction
Given the age of your first, there are a variety of possible courses to follow, but it will depend upon what can be...
Number of DUI's according to PA law.
I understand that each time you get a DUI the severity of the punishment goes up for each. 1st offense, 2nd offense etc. However, I understand that that applies only after being CONVICTED of the previous DUI. For example, receive a first time DUI 6/21/13, receive another 8/21/13. If the conviction for the 6/21 DUI comes on 9/21/13, the charge on the 8/21/13 DUI will be as another first time offense. Is this correct? Part II of my question, we'll use the above example...what if, because the police are waiting for results of blood work, they do not file the charges for the 8/21/13 until 10/1/13 (after the conviction for the 1st DUI). Would the 8/21 DUI now be charged as a 2nd DUI. So, part II of the question is really, do they go by date the charges were filed or date of incident?
The statute uses the words "within the ten years before the present violation occurred." Therefore the ending date for...
Why can I be charged with DUI and is it worth fighting?
Totaled car on a rural road before 10pm. Was afraid to tell BF who owned car. About 10pm he called and I told him. He said he'd report it to police for me and tell them where. Because he became angry I did not speak to him further. Stupidly, I began using while I waited. Even though told where, I was not found until about 1:30am! When found me I was behind wheel of a totaled vehicle, keys in ignition, under the influence of controlled substance. Failed sobriety test (also have MS. Doc often gives me similar test that I fail) and blood test came back positive for controlled substance. But why can I be charged with Dui when vehicle was totaled. Having the substance was not illegal so I couldn't be charged for that. Do I stand a chance fighting it? Public Defender discouraged fighting it.
It is inappropriate for another attorney to second guess the advice you received from your public defender. Pose the...
"fog line" dui chanes of winning
short version cop passes my car heading north seen side tires on the fog line. turns around and follows me. then he reports i was driving on the double solid yellow center lines, then he stated my car crossed the lane and drove near the fog line again. my right turn signal was on and i slowed (obviously i am bout to turn) he thought i was turning into the bank(the building at the corner of the road I was turning on" which is right before the right turn i made, but then i turned on that road. again my car drove over the center lines going a bend, while passing township building. He actviated his emergency lights. This is with in a distance of over a mile. Is this a good enough reason to be pulled over. Country road 3 am only person on the road
Get in touch with a qualified DUI attorney to review the matter.