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Lebanon Crime

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  • Skateboarder held at gunpoint, detained, arrested af...

    Friday Sep 29 | via OregonLive.com 

    A skateboarder was arrested Thursday in Lebanon after police say he pulled a knife on a driver, was ordered at gunpoint by a witness to drop the blade, then tried to flee and was detained by the witness and driver until officers arrived. Michael Van Gelder, 30, was arrested and booked into the Linn County Jail on suspicion of fourth-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, second-degree disorderly conduct and menacing.


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What will happen if I blow a .022 in the iid while on diversion?
I did drink night before, was not going to drive but my car was dead so I was charging battery and wanted it charged up for next day for work. do they give you a second chance for a situation like this very often or do they normally just revoke your diversion?
The fact that you are admitting to drinking the night before is basis enough to revoke your diversion. IIDs are...
What will happen if I blow a .022 in the iid while on diversion?
I did drink night before, was not going to drive but my car was dead so I was charging battery and wanted it charged up for next day for work
It would be a violation of your diversion and, assuming prosecutor can establish a violation, you could be revoked and...
Can you change your mind and not take diversion after you get the blow and go
Took diversion don't want to take the class now what happens next
You could try to withdraw your plea, but the chances of the judge granting that are generally remote in the absence of...
DUII - Several questions
I was just detained on suspicion of DUII & charged with DUII, I didn't exactly fully comply with the field sobriety test & refused the breath test, they didn't get a blood sample or anything either, but I very well may have looked bad..., I didn't damage anything or anyone, they say I ran a stop light & bumped a curb which I suppose may be possible at the time when I saw lights flashing behind me I was wondering if they were for me so I was paying attention to the rear view mirror & there was very little traffic ..., well I pulled into the Walmart parking lot which seemed like the closest safe place to pull over..., Also they searched my vehicle without my consent & seized some of my property consisting of an oz of marijuana which I wasn't charged with .... not enough room for more info...
Carefully read the Implied Consent Combined Report (and all other documents provided). It is likely you were given a...
I'm traveling to Germany from the US and want to know if I can legally drive there?
I currently have an interlock device on my car for the next 2 years because of two DUIs I had. I'm traveling to Germany and want to know if it will be legal for me to drive there with no interlock device? I'm going to rent a car with my wife and we just need to know if she's the only one who can drive, or whether I'm free to as well.
Tp be safe She should be the only one driving. The interlock is for a year on any car you operate.
Will a DUI affect my I765 form if it was dropped by the state ? We sent in certified proof .
Did bio metrics on 12 / 20 / 12 . I have called and they don't need additional info . Could it be denied ?
It does not directly affect you application for EAD, You are confused. Do yourself a favor, consult an immigration attorney.
I git Non-compliance treatment faliure Convicted of 2DUI in last year could I go to jail
Im on 5 years bench probation My last 3payments have been late court clerk wouldn't let me PAy to catch up tell I spoke to judge today could I be looking at jail?
It seems like there are 3 questions recently posted by you, and I gave a long answer to the first question that should...