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Satop : can they hold it against you for a DUI that happened 13 years ago? I feel as though I was judged, wrongly.. 3 rd DUI..
The second I did not blow and won the state part. But, however my attorney said plead guilty on the county. "It was the best I could get". So I did. And I got a third DUI this year,that I desevered. Because I was drinking night before and got up in morning not thinking but I was pulled over and tested. I got community service and a lot of fines. Now I'm dealing with satop putting me n cip program. Its a lot of money. I'm widowed and since I lost my husband I can't seem to get on right track. I just don't know what to do.. please advice. My attorney is a ambulance chaser.I.e. not worth a damn. How can I take it off record?
Good afternoon. I'm unclear on what you're asking. SATOP will evaluate you and determine what level of treatment you...
I've received 3 DUI n a course of 13 yes. Can they hold the 1st one against me that was 13 yes. Ago. The 2nd I won the
Part of it and the county got mr on the other. The third I deserved.
Depending on what action you are talking about and how the first 2 DUI arrests were resolved, both of the first 2...
Is it probable cause or reasonable suspicion to avoid a sobriety checkpoint?
If someone were to turn into a gas station parking lot and turn onto another street to avoid going through the checkpoint, would that be enough evidence a cop needs to make a stop? It could be proven that the checkpoint is invincible from this angle.
Absolutely it is probable cause for a stop.
Is a third DWI always a felony?
I just received my third DWI and just wanted to prepare myself for the outcome I also have a child that I have partial custody of and was wondering if his father could get full custody if I were to go to prison.
Please review Section 577.023, RSMo. It will always be a felony if the prosecutor decides to charge it as a felony and...
DUI from other state never showed up on driving record
In August of 2002 I got a DUI in Illinois but had a Missouri license. My Illinois lawyer told me Illinois couldn't suspend my Missouri license but that they could suspend it when Illinois sent the information to Missouri. It was never suspended and it isn't on my driving record. I was just at the dmv to update my address and heard them asking people if their license has ever been suspended or revoked. This must be something new they are asking because I've never been asked this question. When I renew my license in 2019 I am not sure how to answer this question. My license hasn't ever been suspended but my driving privileges in Illinois were taken away for 3 months. I am very confused but also don't want to bring it up if I don't have to, as it's been 13 years.
This is probably better posed to a MO lawyer but my suspicion is that when you apply for renewal MO will run PDPS and "...
Can a drug admission at a hospital be strong enough to be used against you in court?
A good friend of mine recently got himself into trouble. He was operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (not on alcohol), and when he crashed (not terribly bad accident just fender bender) he was taken out of the car, cuffed, sat on the sidewalk and talked to for a bit, and then taken to a hospital. Apparently he wasn't actually arrested since when he left the hospital there was no bail and he ended up going straight home (had to have a sober ride pick him up). While he was in the hospital however, apparently he admitted to taking a drug earlier that day before the accident and it states he admitted this in a hospital document. We are wondering if this could be used against him in court to turn his charge into a DWI?
Admissions can be used against him if the city subpoenas the medical person to testify at a trial. His blood work...
Will a motion to suppress work.
I was arrested for dui. The officers probable cause is that I ran a red light that doesn't exist(I have good photos and videos to prove it). The real reason the cop pulled me over is due to my avoidance to an upcoming sobriety checkpoint. I drove through a business parking lot and then turned onto another main road. All of my turns were legal.
I suspect the officer's story is different than yours. However, if your story is accurate, you have a good suppression...