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Do I have a valid lawsuit against my doctor for subutex addiction?
I have been on the medication for over 9 years for the first 6-7 years I was rarely drug tested and only seen an actual physician maybe 3 times over a span of 8 years then I had a few positive urine screens and was kicked out of the practice to quit cold turkey and accused of having lost some illicit drugs in the office which is total bullshit my cousin passed the week before and I missed an appointment and threatened to get an attorney bc they wouldn't call in some medicine for me!
Your question, to say the least, is confusing. What exactly is your claim for malpractice against your doctor? All...
I couldn't urination enough on my first drug test shy bladder
I was indicted for my husband's drug charge and so was my son
Thank you for sharing your sentence/story? Is there a legal question you have that your Criminal Defense Attorney can...
Whydoes my blood vein have a hard knot in it and it hurts bad. Can hardly move my arm.
I am a drug user.
This is a medical question. You should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Good luck!
Can I have an old DUI expunged while facing a new DUI?
I have had 3 DUIs over 5 years old and recently just got another DUI and wanted to know if I could have old DUI expunged while this current DUI case is pending.
That's very doubtful, but speak to a local attorney and find out. Usually, by the time you hit 3 DUIs you're in way...
If you plead not guilty to a DUI and have to go to trial, is jail time the likely punishment if found guilty in KY?
I got a DUI last September and pleaded not guilty at my arraignment. My pre-trial conference is scheduled for a couple of weeks. I don't plan on taking a plea deal, so if I'm found guilty, will jail time be the likely punishment?
It's impossible to know without knowing more facts. Regardless, you do not want to go to trial (or likely enter a plea)...
I was arrested for dui I refused blood test they have a hold on my car what do I do to get hold released its costing 35 a day
I refused blood test he found weed in car it was -1 outside he said my pupils were dilated and my speech was slurred and it wasn't and I'm going to get a defense st th but I have to get hold released asap what can I do?
You need to hire a good lawyer or get a PD ASAP. Have the lawyer do a motion to get release of the vehicle and have the...
Trafficking controlled substance 3rd degree and dui my first offensive and I illegible for a devertion
I was arrested a year ago been out on a O.R bond I have not been in anymore trouble I have been working sense I have done everything the court has asked my ex husband put some site pills in my vehicle I didn't know they was perception dite pill
First, this is not a DUI question. Second, your "question" a bit hard to follow. If you have a PD or an attorney your...