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  • Tiffany Durbin pleads not guilty -

    Friday May 26 | via Grayson News Gazette 

    At her arraignment on Tuesday, May 23, Durbin, a Leitchfield resident, entered a plea of not guilty to the charges of Complicity to Commit Murder; Tampering with Physical Evidence; and Abuse of Corpse, for which she was indicted by the Grayson County Grand Jury on May 9. Durbin, whose bail bond was set at $250,000 cash following her arraignment, is scheduled to appear in Grayson Circuit Court again on Tuesday, July 11 at 1 p.m. for a pre-trial conference.


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Lebanon Junction Law

What will happen if my ex wife got in a wreck while d.u.i with both kids in the car?
My exwife was arrested for dui with both of our kids in the car and was evolved in a wreck...4months ago was arrested for a hit and run with both kids in the car...we have a open cps case already for her drug use shes been to rehab ordered by the courts but she checked her self out and failed a drugtest for cps.. I filled a eco but judge turned it down since there is no custody agreement, but 3 days ago was the dui..so whats my chances of getting full custody?..should i file another eco based on her possitive drug screen for cps and this dui and wanton endangerment charge?...or am i wasting my time?..i feel like my kids are at risk with her and ive tried to make the change but this same (female judge) keeps ruling in her favor, im a working 33yr male who has passed everything cps throws at me..home visits,interviews,drug screens, ive been a youth AAU head basketball coach for 10yrs, im also a headcoach for one of our local elementry schools football team..so im credible in our communtity...why cant i be the parent..im current on my child support, i work, im not a felon, got my own house, car, and feel im better fit parent...why? Cant i get ahead..please help...bullitt co. Kentucky
Do you already have an attorney? If not, you need one badly. I don't take those types of cases but I can give you some...
I was in a single car accident back in May. I was avoiding a potential head on collision and I lost control of my car. I went
off the road hitting a tree and rolling ove landing upside down. The car behind me stopped, got me out and police came. He called EMS. He tried to give me a breath test, but the glass that I had in my mouth made it impossible to blow( even though I did try 3 times). I was not seen on video and was not given a blood test. I was transported to the hospital and was released 3 hrs later. I was chared with DUI due to the smell of alcohol on my clothes from working in the bar that night. I've gone to court once and was delayed to another date. I didn't get the public defender because I thought I could save enough for an attrny, but don't have it. What will the judge do this time and can I ask for more time? Also, can I receive any additional charges when my ticket just says dui?
You need an attorney ASAP. If you cannot afford a private attorney, at the next court date ask the judge to appoint you...
Can can I own a firearm with a DUI felony?
Can I own a firearm with a third offense DUI felony
If you were subject to more than a year in prison (not what you served, but what you could have served), then federal...
Do I have to provide I.d. during dui checkpoints in Kentucky?
If going thru a Dui checkpoint in Ky, are you required to show I.d. If no crime has been committed or there is no reasonable suspicion of a crime?
The officer can ask for your driver's license when you are going through a checkpoint.
II drppped dirty due to medicstions im on?
I gave every prescribtion to my probation officer prior to drug test. She wrote them down. And all the false positives thst could occur. It came bsck positive for a number of differemt drugs. Im not dirty. Im not using drugs. So she sent me hine and said ill call you in a week or two. Someone please help. I need to know whst i should do. Thsnk you so much. I need any and all advice. Im sick over this
Help with what there appears to be no problem................................................
What is the worst jail time for a 2nd offense DUI within 2 yr?
I was pulled over and arrested for 2nd DUI. they found several prescribed drugs in my system and Meth, which I didn't do. I admit I shouldn't have been driving as I was upset. I am a grandmother that helps take care of my grandkids. I would like to plea down but don't feel I have an option. My court date is Wednesday.
The mandatory jail time on a second in time low tier DUI/OVI is 10 days. The mandatory jail time on a second in time...
What's the best way to beat this?
Me and my fiancé were in Walmart doing some shopping and my fiancé decided to steal something that I was unaware of. Apparently someone saw her do it and as we were leaving the office stopped us before the Check out. He immediately stepped to me and made me follow his fingers with my eyes. He then said I was under the influence and put me in handcuffs. I asked him to give me a blood test And he informed me that is up to the arresting officer and he would not be doing that
Q: What's the best way to beat this? A: I am not even sure what "this" is, but I am certain that whatever "this"...