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Lebanon Crime

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  • Hezbollah says it found Israeli spy device in southe...

    Sunday Aug 13 | via The Times of Israel 

    A member of the Hezbollah terror group holds Lebanese and Hezbollah flags during a press tour near the border town of Arsal on July 25, 2017. The group said, through its media mouthpiece al-Manar and social media arm al-'ilam al-Harbi, that a technical team discovered a Israeli spying device on the "strategic heights" of Barouk mountain in the Bekaa valley, overlooking the village of Saghbine.


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  • The Latest: Lebanese army drives IS from Syria borde...

    Sunday Aug 6 | via WAND-TV Decatur 

    A military aircraft was conducting regularly scheduled operations off the east coast of Australia when it crashed into the water. A Northwestern University professor arrested in California eight days after a man was found fatally stabbed in his Chicago apartment is now under "intensive observation" in jail.


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  • Lebanese army chief - 50 militants held in raids on ...

    Tuesday Jul 25 | via Channelnewsasia.com 

    AMMAN: Lebanon's army chief said on Tuesday the army had 50 "dangerous terrorists" in custody among hundreds of detainees arrested in recent security raids on Syrian refugee camps on the border between the two countries. General Joseph Oun was quoted on the army website as saying that among those detained since a major security sweep began last month were some who had taken part in an attack on the town of Arsal in 2014 and in the kidnapping of army soldiers.


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  • Lebanon: Further investigation needed into deaths of...

    Tuesday Jul 25 | via Amnesty International 

    Independent forensic analysis of photographs of the bodies obtained by Amnesty International raise serious questions about whether these men faced torture or other ill-treatment while in custody The Lebanese authorities must disclose the full findings of their investigation into the deaths of four Syrian refugees, said Amnesty International, after the country's military prosecutor yesterday revealed that a forensic report concluded that they had died of "natural causes". Forensic analysis of photographs showing the bodies of three of the four deceased men, commissioned by Amnesty International, reveals signs of recent beatings and trauma to the head, legs and arms suggesting they may have been tortured.


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  • Shocking moment groom SHOOTS a photographer AK47 Leb...

    Jul 3, 2017 | via Daily Mail 

    Defiant Chris Christie DEFENDS using a beach HE closed to the public during New Jersey's government shutdown - after lying and saying 'he didn't get any sun' Viral video star and Little Loca actress Stevie Ryan dies aged 33 in suspected suicide just hours after tweeting about grief at grandfather's death 'The fake media is trying to silence us!' Trump renews war with the press as he warns that journalists will eventually have to report on his accomplishments V-shaped feet, eye contact and men who 'show off their package': A body language expert's guide on how to spot if someone is FLIRTING with you 'I'm a family man': How Jeremy Meeks boasted about his role as a husband and father in joint interview with his wife just two months before ditching her for Topshop heiress Chloe Green Ignoring the haters? Jeremy Meeks grins in Germany as his Instagram followers slam him for kissing ... (more)


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  • Lebanese Troops Beating and Humiliating Syrian Refug...

    Jul 2, 2017 | via Al Bawaba 

    Syrian refugee children walk at an unofficial refugee camp in the area of Arida, north of Lebanon's capital city of Beirut. Syrian men have been beaten and humiliated during a raid by Lebanese troops at a refugee camp on Friday according to activists, in camps that have been a flashpoint for fighting between the army and jihadi militants.


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Lebanon Law

Will my probation officer test my levels of etg?
I was just recently put on probation last Monday and they took my baseline drug test and sent it to the toxicology lab. I'm prohibited fom drinking alcohol and drank around 6-7 16 oz beers 3 days ago but have been drinking decent amounts of water and green tea. Will etg levels violate me in Indiana
If you are prohibited from drinking alcohol - and you test positive for drinking alcohol based on your test levels -...
What is the most likely outcome from a DUI arrest in Indiana, considering the driver is from IL and a first offender?
Driver was pulled over and consented to a breathalyzer test, which placed the driver in the .15 ABV bracket (.17). Other factors include: -There was alcohol in the vehicle -The driver was traveling a long distance The driver does not intend to fight the DUI, and would hope to receive court supervision. Additionally, what is the license suspension situation? Through various online research I have found that a possible outcome is a 30-day mandatory suspension, with a possible probationary license for 180 days, or in some cases a Hardship license was mentioned. The individual travels for work, thus a license allowing driving to and from work as early as possible is the goal. Thanks
There aren’t a lot of facts here to work with, and I am not clear if the driver lives in Indiana or Illinois....
Why was my urine sample sent to california?
I was recently convicted of an owi in boone county and went to my first probation appointment yesterday where they drug tested me but instead of doing an instant test they sent it away to california.. Could u please explain why?
That is odd. I would assume that IN has their own labs for drug testing... How do you know the sample was sent to CA?...
Is is possible to own firearms after a DWI felony conviction?
I was convicted of DWI 15 years ago. I had to do 6 months of house arrest.
Every State has its own rules about firearms. Also sometimes a city within a State may have rules which are more...
Can I have this court case information explained?
I'm just trying to understand what this means. I know that "02" was a Class 6 Felony, so does this mean that this person is a convicted felon now or is there no way of knowing because of the plea agreement? Does the "Sentenced" section mean this person is going to jail for 545 days or is just on probation for 545 days? Judgement: 01. Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated • Dismissed 02. Operating a Vehicle with an ACE of .08 or More • Plea by Agreement 03. Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated • Dismissed 04. Operating a Vehicle With a ACE of .08 or more • Conviction Merged 05. Driving While Suspended • Dismissed 06. Open containers in passenger compartment; previous convictions • Dismissed 07. Improper Tail Lights • Dismissed Sentenced: 2. Operating a Vehicle with an ACE of .08 or More Confinement to Commence: 06/07/2017 County Jail Term: 545 Days Suspended: 545 Days Comment: Written Conditions of Probation entered
It is a felony, though that may change in the future via Alternative Misdemeanor Sentencing. the sentence of 545 days...
OWI, IN - Was not at my car and did not drive intoxicated, added with PI, which I am guilty of. Advice?
The night before my wedding, my wife took me home after 1-2 glasses of wine. We sat at home, and i left to get cigs 2 hours or so after the wine. On the way home I hit a deer, I pulled over and walked miles to her house (no phone on me). When I got home she got angry with me, so stressed (I hit a deer, getting married the next day, her mad), I drank a bottle of wine and had some coctails at home. I then felt guilty and walked back to the scene, where I stopped at my father-in laws house (a doctor), to tell him what happened and I was going to call my insurance but had to get the papers from my car. On approaching my car I saw to officers behind my vehicle. (they were sent by dispatch of someone who saw the vehicle) (running out of room to type).
Different States have different statutory elements for the crimes of both DUI and PI. One element of DUI shared by...
Can 2 DUI affect my GC processing?
I was convicted of dui in 2014 in Wisconsin and I paid all the fines and did everything I was asked to by court. But I faced another dui now in june2017 in Indiana and court has assigned me to probation for a year and I have paid the fines and completed my community service that I was asked for. I am on H1b visa and my company is planning to file my GC next year. Will these two dui conviction cause any issue with my GC approval or my i140. Since the company attorneys will be involved in this how should I proceed with the same.
No, it should not prevent you from adjustment of status.