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Can I be charged with Illinois DUI when officer at scene says he did not smell alcohol so he did not perform tests?
I rearended a car. Police came to scene. Officer said he did not smell alcohol so he did not test me in any way. I was held overnight and the next day when I was questioned I said I was drunk. Now I am being charged with DUI. Can I beat this charge?
I would need more details to give you a good answer. DUI can also be driving under the influence of drugs. Was a...
I am on court supervision for a dui and got a ticket going 20.5 mph over the speed limit. What will happen?
Also, the reported speed on the county website says I was going 26-30 mph, which I know is more serious. I am very confused and nervous because of my court supervision that I am still on for another year. Will it more than likely get revoked and my license suspended?
You need to get an attorney so you're not guessing. It's not correct. Tickets are never fir decimals above the limit,...
What happens if i fail a drug test while on pretrail electronic monitering?
I was arrested on a firearm charge nearly two years ago, I was placed on electronic monitoring and have since not only got a job but within three months worked my way up to a manager and at the current point am working at multiple stores as an Area Manager in training. I passed a drug test about 2 months ago, due to on going issues with anxiety and stress of being 20 years old and having the rest of my life being held over my head by the court, the fact that my lawyer called me one day and told me that he doesn't practice law anymore because he's becoming a judge as well as the fact that my fiance is pregnant with our first child, i smoke weed occasionally. So Sunday was my first day off in a week and i used, my pretrail officer called me this morning and asked me to take a drop for him tomorrow after court, i know i will fail but i just want to be able to move on with my life after this. What will happen to me if i get caught?
I will not waste a lot of time explaining how contrary your position about "The rest of my life" and using an unlawful...
How can I check the status of a pending DUI?
I live in Illinois a few miles east of St Louis,MO and about a month ago I was pulled over in Blue Springs, MO (a few miles from Kansas City, MO). I was charged with speeding, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, and DUI. With that kind of distance (250 miles), I cannot appear in court. I did not take a breathalyzer or blood alcohol test. I also recently took a job where I am driving a company vehicle and cannot have this on my record. What can I do to make all of these go away?
You're going to need to hire an attorney in MO.
What do I do now? I already paid and now I have nothing....
In 2012 I was charged with an Aggravated DUI Under the Cannabis Act. I was sentenced the following year to 18 months in ILDOC at 75%. I appealed my case and won the appeal, however, the county is challenging the decision. My lawyer and I were beginning to start to prepare for my case in the event the Supreme Court decides to hear it and he had a brain aneurysm and passed away. I need help. (sp)
I am sorry for your loss. Obviously you need a new lawyer immediately. You can call the lawyer's office to find out...
Does a DUI show up on my criminal record
I got a DUI in 2011, I got court supervision for 2 years and paid a fine
The arrest will show forever on your NCIC/CJIS. It cannot be expunged. If you didn't get a SSS, it is not available...
My boyfriend was drunk and got arrested, what are the chance with a good attorney that he will not serve prison time?
He is charged with one count of aggravated battery on a peace officer for "making contact with the officer" and two counts of threatening a public official, his bond is set at 175,000 and bail at 17,500. I'm 9 months pregnant and want to know if he will be in our child's life.
Wow that is a high bond. I need to know if the officer was injured and what your boyfriend's record is. Most first...