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I would like to get my dui expunge off my record so employer's can't see it
I have just one dui over 10 yrs ago but was not convicted of it tell 2013 is this something I can get off my record so an employer not be able to see ?
No you can't, since the conviction happened in 2013. You have to wait until 5 years after the conviction date (so 2018)...
We are hosting an event at our house and will be serving alcohol to it. We do card everyone that comes to get a beer and also pr
We are hosting an event at our house and will be serving alcohol to it. We do card everyone that comes to get a beer and also provide wrist bands. We are also taking out event insurance with a liquor liability included in it. Is there anything else that we can do to cover ourselves in case of an accident. Can we have people sign a form saying we are not responsible for accidents?
First of all, I do not practice law in your state, so my answer is not legal advice, just my thoughts on how I would...
My husband drives my car drunk without permission. Since the car is in my name, is there anything I can legally do to stop it?
I'm usually asleep when he leaves the house drunk and he drives my car. I would like to take some form of legal action to stop it, short of calling police on him. He's also in the military, therefore, a DUI could end his career.
You need to get a therapist for your husband rather than a lawyer for yourself. I recommend that you hide the keys...
Can a felon (dui) own a black powder revolver?
2001 DUI, counted as third due to Ks look back of a lifetime during that period.
Federal law doesn't prohibit black powder antique guns. You can read the law by googling 18 U.S.C. 922(g)
Can I operate a boat in Ks. with a Restricted (interlock/DUI) license
Currently am required to have an interlock for a Dui, can I operate my power boat on lakes or rivers.
As long as you have an interlock installed on it. I'm sure that you are restricted from operating a "motor vehicle"...
How to get sd. cdl reinstated and transfered to ks ?
18 mos. agp i was on vacation to ks.from sd.at the time i had a sd cdl.in ks i got a dui in my personal vehicle.9 months ago i moved back to ks.how do i get my liscense reinstated and transfered to ks ?
It varies depending on each state's MVD requirements to reinstate your license. You may have a hold in either state...
What is a typical diversion program for a first time DUI? Also, during diversion period can you consume alcohol at home?
Got arrested for a DUI had a 0.146 on the BAC test. I have managed to get on diversion.
Most diversion programs will not allow you to use alcohol at all. If you really need to drink, you may want to explore...