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I would like to get my dui expunge off my record so employer's can't see it
I have just one dui over 10 yrs ago but was not convicted of it tell 2013 is this something I can get off my record so an employer not be able to see ?
No you can't, since the conviction happened in 2013. You have to wait until 5 years after the conviction date (so 2018)...
We are hosting an event at our house and will be serving alcohol to it. We do card everyone that comes to get a beer and also pr
We are hosting an event at our house and will be serving alcohol to it. We do card everyone that comes to get a beer and also provide wrist bands. We are also taking out event insurance with a liquor liability included in it. Is there anything else that we can do to cover ourselves in case of an accident. Can we have people sign a form saying we are not responsible for accidents?
First of all, I do not practice law in your state, so my answer is not legal advice, just my thoughts on how I would...
My husband drives my car drunk without permission. Since the car is in my name, is there anything I can legally do to stop it?
I'm usually asleep when he leaves the house drunk and he drives my car. I would like to take some form of legal action to stop it, short of calling police on him. He's also in the military, therefore, a DUI could end his career.
You need to get a therapist for your husband rather than a lawyer for yourself. I recommend that you hide the keys...
What is the probability that the hospital/police took a blood sample after arrest? Who can see those results?
After being tazed and head busted open, I was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and three other felony charges and two misdemeanor. There were accusations of cocaine use and I was drinking.I was transported to the hospital. Is it likely that my blood was drawn and tested? If it was drawn who will be allowed to see the results? More specifically can my probation officer see the results? I also have a custody fight going on. Can the judge for that CINC or DCF see those results?
You need to contact an attorney who specializes in criminal law. While I practice in Maryland and can advise you about...
DUI and interlock device.
I got a DUI in October 2011 in KS. I did my probation and everything that was required durian that time. The department of revenue mailed my license back after the 1 yr probation and I never received anything about needing an interlock. I went to renew my DL and they said I couldn't because I need 1 year of interlock. The Journal Entry-Sentencing for 1st time DUI offenders paperwork that was signed by both lawyers and the judge doesn't have the box checked where it says my vehicle is required to have interlock. What can I do to get my license renewed if the dmv is showing I should have interlock for a year but the judges paperwork doesn't say I needed to?
Get a lawyer and file a petition or motion in the old case. Otherwise you're gonna be stuck with the interlock. Also -...
Took a plea deal for a first time dui. had a prior dui with a diversion. my lawyer is asking for 2 days jail 10 day house arrest
Do you think the judge will give me that or much longer.
No one here can answer your question. We don't know anything about your case, who the judge is, or anything. Your...
Can I just not drive for the period of restriction on my interlock notice instead of paying to have one installed?
I received an interlock restriction notice for a dui. It has specific dates for beginning and end of restriction. Can I just not drive for that time and get my license back after the end date instead of paying for interlock?
No, the KDOR will not issue you a full reinstatement until you have installed your interlock device for the restriction...