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Can I get my license back in Kansas?
I was arrested for a DUI in July, refused the chemical test because I was NOT driving. Through court proceedings, the case went to trial and has been dismissed because it was found that I was NOT driving the vehicle at the time. Not knowing how any of this works, I called the State of Kansas to see what I could do to get my license back and I was informed that my license is suspended for a year and I must get an interlock for two years after. Is there anything I can do at all?!
Unfortunately, the 14 day time period, within which you must request an administrative license suspension hearing,...
What can I do to get this DUI to go away?I don't think I would get a DUI because I was not drunk.I was scared and upset.
I left a hit and run accident and they want to give me a DUI because I didn't take the test for them. I went to jail but only stayed 2hours and was released have to go to court.
I'm sorry to hear about this, and a local DUI lawyer would be your best bet, as your chances for a successful...
Caught in sobriety check point
earlier in sept. my adult daughter was put thru a dui check point in tonganoxie,ks. she knew she had alcohol in her system and the officer could smell beer in the car. she refused the breath test in the field so she was arrested and taken to the police station for booking. after booking she realized she had made a mistake and agreed to the breath test which was below the legal limit. she was released and will have to appear in court 10/20/16. the court is 250mi from her home and the county official demands her to appear in court
Depending on which court she has been charged in and exactly what charges she is facing an attorney may be able to...
I would like to get my dui expunge off my record so employer's can't see it
I have just one dui over 10 yrs ago but was not convicted of it tell 2013 is this something I can get off my record so an employer not be able to see ?
No you can't, since the conviction happened in 2013. You have to wait until 5 years after the conviction date (so 2018)...
My husband drives my car drunk without permission. Since the car is in my name, is there anything I can legally do to stop it?
I'm usually asleep when he leaves the house drunk and he drives my car. I would like to take some form of legal action to stop it, short of calling police on him. He's also in the military, therefore, a DUI could end his career.
You need to get a therapist for your husband rather than a lawyer for yourself. I recommend that you hide the keys...
Does the probation office do surveillance on someone on non reporting probation for dui?
Pleaded guilty to first dui did two days in jail and three days house arrest. With six months probation.
On unsupervised probation, the answer is generally no. However, your question suggests that you are on probation for a...
My question is how will this hold up in court? Can they charge me just based on the words of someone else?
I was at a party about a month ago and someone called it in to the police. When they arrived they found a small bag of marijuana and a grinder outside of the building. when I was questioned they said that a girl had said she saw me with marijuana earlier that night. Now I have received papers saying I'm being charged with possession on marijuana and possession on drug paraphernalia. There is no evidence that it is mine.
A person's testimony is evidence. So if the complainants testimony is believed then you can be convicted. Get an attorney.