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Can I press charges on the police after DWI arrest and dismissal of the charges
DWI arrested after approach while parked in my resident driveway. 1 1/2 year later, dismissed
Press charges? For what? The police arrest based on probable cause. From what you say you had driven home drunk and...
What will happen? Picked up for Assault/FV, second time, on probation for DWI extended two years/charges dropped for family vio
I'm currently on probation for DWI 3rd, served 5 years, clean, no mess ups. Went to jail for possible assault family violence but charges were all dropped and extended probation for two years. One week ago, my ex came to my house and started trouble, tried restraining her and she called the cops. I went to jail AGAIN for assault FV. First one was because of the son, which was all dismissed, now she went as far as coming to my property and hitting me first, which I didn't tell the cops. The cops stated that they "had to arrest someone" and took me in! I was just cooking dinner...I need some advice as what to do. Please.
Sorry for your problems, but this case cannot be tried over the internet. You will, in all likelihood, have to retain...
I have been dealing with my first POCS with trace amounts. 6 months later (now) I have been arrested for another and a dui.
What can I expect to come of this with a knowledgeable attorney?
If you hire a good attorney, then you can expect a good plea deal in line with the norms of your local jurisdiction. It...
The Judge order that I get a breathalyzer installed in my car then order my wife to have one installed in her car Is this legal?
Charged with 3rd or more DWI Felony. Awaiting jury trial since Feb. 3rd 2013.
First, a judge can order you to install a breath device on ANY CAR YOU DRIVE. If you can prove you do not drive the...
How important is it to have a high powered criminal defense attorney vs. a younger dui attorney in a dui case?
My husband got a dui. This was his first offense and he refused the blood alcohol test. We talked to a lawyer that specializes in duo's and the total cost is $3500. A few days after the arrest my husbands friends gave us a lawyers name that helped him out in a dui case. He's a criminal defense attorney and had been doing business a long time in the city. The question stems from the fees. The older more experienced defense attorney has a price tag of $15,000. If this is a first time offense and the blood alcohol might come back high, what are the pro's and con's of either lawyer?
A DWI conviction will follow your husband the rest of his life. How important that is to him and his career will...
How long does it take nowadays for blood test results in DWI cases?
Hello my husband got arrested for DWI while he was parked on side as his car stopped working randomly.He said he wasnt under influence.This shall be his fourth offence for DWI.How long does it take for blood test to result nowadays and If he blew 0 on breathelizer and his blood test has no evidence of drugs can his case be dismissed.
Depends on how the blood tests are being done and where. If his blood was taken at a hospital and submitted to their...
Will I be drug tested under probation for an obstruction of a highway?
My lawyer was able to get me this obstruction of a highway deal instead of a dwi. My only question is do you get drug tested under probation since this was a non drug related incident? What’s that probation process look like?
Probation subjects you to the Orders of the Court, which can include random UAs. You will be given a written Order of...