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I was arrested in 2010 for DWI, I plead down to guilty in 2011to reckless driving Class B in Brazoria County. It does not specify what code it's from. Shortly after I got arrested for driving while license invalid (because of DWI) which was iuncorrect and later dismissed. Can I get all this expunged?
You will not be able to do an expunction of the DWI and reckless driving since you plead to a lesser included offense....
Its only my second in Texas.But I have two others in different states
Well, Texas has a way of picking up those pesky priors, so it's not really your first if they can prove up those priors....
I have not had a failure in 14 months this last was .035, i also had a scram bracelet for a month forprevious 3 failures should I be concerned? should I call my PO?
You should be concerned. Call your PO.
I was going to visit a friend I got lost in the subdivision turned down the wrong street pulled into a mans driveway He approached my car yelling at me he said I had the wrong house and he called the police and said he thought I was intoxicated. The lady police officer was patroling that area stopped me.She said the reason she stopped me was because I was pulled up on a curb and was going to hit the stop sign you could clearly see in the tape I was not on the curb @ was not going to hit the stop sign My friend @ his Son came to pick up my car they said it was not on the curb or going to hit the stop sign. I did tell her that I took 2 zanax she asked to see the pres bottle it said only take one. she took me to jail she they took my blood there @ charging dwI and dui help
Texas labs are backlogged for months processing blood right now mainly because more and more agencies are taking blood....
I have a In Home Intoxalock device. I have had a in home device for 11 months. Since, I have had the device I haven't had a violation or a miss a sample. Yesterday, I missed my 5pm to 8pm blow sample. I realized at 8:22pm that I didn’t provide sample. I blow in the device right away and had a pass sample. I called and left a message to my PO. I also e-mailed her with information of what I was doing between the time frame 5pm to 8pm. If anyone is familiar with Court 14 in Harris County on this matter. I will highly appreciate any advice. I currently have 2 DWI's. I just compeleted my first offense probation. So, I am only on one probation as of now.
One missed blow after 11 months is probably not cause for a violation. You did the right thing by notifying your PO...
I got pulled over because I was walking home after having some drinks, I went to the city jail for 3 hours, paid a fine, did community service and took an alcohol awareness class, now I'm applying for the deferred action process, am I in risk of getting denied due to this violation.
You need to check with a criminal defense attorney but PI is usually treated as a municipal ordinance violation in...
Im about 200$ away from paying off a court ordered fine for my DWI, and half way completed my community service. Im a19 years old, support myself, work 2 jobs, and could rarely ever find time for a community service day, yet alone drop the amounted money on court fines due to supporting my own living arrangements. My probation is over in about 9 days, whats most likely to happen to me, when my probation is over, with all those things still into affect.
It is very likely that they will extend your probation to give you more time to pay the fines and get the community...