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How much is a lawyers fee to file the petion an is the filing fee 150. i wrote all below somehow skipped this section thank you
how much is the fee to file aa petition after 5 yr denial i ben led to believe its 150. 00 my worry is the cost of a atty to do it an yes i ben struggling a yr to do this i hav pd reinstatement satop all thats left is this co petition an what i said i had to petition a city then thought was done with al an they came back witb the county petition
Filing a Petition for reinstatement after a 5 year denial is done within the county court. Each County has a different...
Can someone help me get a hardship license
I have two feloney dui's. I have a two year old little girl and a good job. It's a struggle to hold the job and do fatherly things with my baby girl with no license. I've been sober for three years . It seems the dui laws change like the Missouri whether. Please help me drive myself to work
As a former Attorney for the Illinois Secretary of State handling these matters I suggest you find an attorney in your...
I have a DWI SES Class D Felony Conviction, I was wondering if there is a way of reinstating my Drivers License.
It's been four years since my last conviction which was my third DWI.
If you are unable to get a license in MO, you may be able to in CO.
Suspension/revocation of license?
My ex got cited for driving on a suspended/revoked license and failure to stay in one lane on a 3 or more lane road. What is going to happen with this (likely outcome)? I only ask because we have a family court case we are in and his license has obviously been suspended for some time and he was driving my children around with no license and I did not know until now. This suspension/revocation was for a DWI and that case is still going on too though he's under a suspended sentence (for now). What's possible outcomes in this situation?
The answer depends on how the DWS is charged. Take a look at Section 302.321. Punishment on a DWS can be as low as a $...
If my first DWI in 2010 for usenofndrigs got dropped to imprudent driving does the DWI i got last night count as my first
I just got a DWI for blowing and .08, he had me blow twice in his car and gave me a field test them took me to jail..he gave me a breathilyzer in his vehicle only...not once but twice, why wouldnt he tell me the results of the first one? I believe I was under the limit and the second one I was right on it so i was instantly quilty. I havent had a drink was what i said whenever he asked
You need to retain a local DUI attorney. You have been charged. He/she will participate in discovery and work out a...
DWI, possession of less than ten grams of marijuana and a pipe.
To be honest I had drank more than I thought i had. I did have a pipe, marijuana in my car plus, he gave me a ticket for not staying in my lane properly and charged me with DWI. I do smoke marijuana recreationly but, Ive never been in trouble with the law my entire life and im in my mid 30's. Never been to jail, just a few speeding tickets about five years ago. There was 4 tickets, including the dwi. I was absolutely terrified like i never have been before. They asked me where i was going and i was going to my friends mothers home to sleep since my father died and my mother has been having some mental issues and i felt i needed a good nights sleep to get back on track. My problem is that i was so stupid, terrified that i said i was heading to my boyfriends house. I just couldnt think at all and after my anxiety kicked in i just couldnt think. I know all this was stupid and i wish i could go back and change everything. everything else i said was true. If they found out i didnt tell the truth about who's home i was going to and i cant provide proof of that will i be arrested for perjury or any other issue stemming from that untruth? I did fully cooperate with all officers involved.
You need to consult a criminal defense attorney ASAP. You only have 15 days to file for an administrative hearing to...
Would i need an interlock ignition device for a dwi conviction from 2002? It was not part of law then.
Purposeful non-driver now needs license for medical emergencies. Received DUI in 2002. DOR now says I need IID to get reinstated.
Time does not make the requirements ordered by the court and/or DMV go away. Wilthout the IID they will not issue a...