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Is it legal to enter canada with a dui?
the dui was 9 years ago in isa
I don't see what the problem would be, unless there was a warrant because tou didn't show up to court.
If you are both drunk and get in an accident and you say you were driving and take the dwi for the driver can you beat the case?
My girlfriend was driving home and got in an accident. When the cops came i said i was driving so she didn't get a dwi. i blew a .16. and got arrested for dwi. When i go to court i will plead not guilty because i wasn't actually driving. Is there a way i can beat the case?
You will need a very good defense attorney to overcome the damage you did to yourself. Interview and hire one who you...
Sue a bar for allowing underage drinking then getting dwi?
My family is looking to sue a bar for not checking IDs and not cutting my brother off. He went to the bar and drank way too much and after he left this bar he got into an accident that caused him to blow a .22 far over the legal limit which was caused from him drinking in this bar. The accident caused him to break his arm. Thoughts?
Such a suit is possible, however, your brother will not be a sympathetic witness, and is unlikely to recover a large...
What are the consequences of assualt 3rd, aou 3rd, and dwi in new york state?
I was intoxicated and decided to drive home, on the way i popped both front tires and had to pull over on the side of the road. Me and my friend got into an argument and i hit them. I couldnt fix the tire so i sat on the side of the road, ending up falling asleep and a cop came arresting me for these three offences. I'm wondering what my consequences may be. If im facing jail time or what?
I do not practice in your area, but the potential ramification for these crimes is jail. Whether you will ultimately be...
Conditional license from DMV?
I was recently convicted of DWAI in New York. I also attended a hearing at the DMV because I refused to take the breathalyzer when I was arrested. After the hearing, the DMV took my license away for a year based on my refusal. Can I get a conditional license? The woman judge hearing the case was really mean.
You can apply for the conditional license in light of the plea.
Not guilty for DUI
I was arrested in the US by the tribal police for supposedly being under the influence of drugs, which I wasn't. I passed the breathalyser, I didn't do great on the field test (walking in a straight line thing) but it was obviously sober and not under the influence. The copy took me to a hospital to take a blood test, I took it and he said it will be back in 3-6 months. My first hearing is in a few days. I took a test in Canada and it was (unsurprisingly) negative. What should I expect at the first hearing? Will I be arrested? Do I really need a lawyer if the results are obviously negative. Thanks
You were arrested and it sounds as if you are facing criminal charges. Yes, you need a lawyer. As far as what to...
Will an arrest for DWI in NYS with a court date for July 8th - prohibit my husband & I from Montreal, Quebec on July 2?
About three weeks ago we had a scary situation occur that landed me in the hospital. I had pulled over in a parking lot with chest pain and 911 was eventually called. The next thing I could remember was being taken to a hospital. The officers that arrived at the scene ended up arresting me and charging me with DWI once I was at the hospital - I was shocked, to say the least. I was never taken to a station, I was not fingerprinted and I had no mug shots - because I was in the hospital. My husband and I were married earlier this month and have a get-a-way planned for July 2 - July 6 in Montreal, Quebec. I am not scheduled to appear in court until July 8th. So, there is no conviction, etc. Are we doing to be turned away at the border? I have no idea how any of this works and am quite upset.
Possibly. Contact the Canadian Consulate to obtain permission before attempting to enter Canada.