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  • Attempted robbery charge added to couple in custody ...

    Thursday Jan 5 | via The Batavian 

    Two people arrested in December following an accident and pursuit through the woods off Keeney Road in Le Roy are now being accused of attempting to rob a nearby gas station that same night Giancarolo A. Miranda, 18, of Clipknock Road, Stafford, and Haleigh I. Ogden, 19, of East Avenue, Batavia, were charged today with attempted robbery 2nd. The arrest stems for a series of incidents the night of Dec. 12 that started the Kwik Fill in Le Roy when the pair allegedly showed up there about 10 p.m. with the intention to steal property.


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  • Grand Jury: Two men indicted for first-degree burgla...

    Dec 9, 2016 | via The Batavian 

    Daniel J. Gilbert is accused of the crime of first-degree burglary, a Class B violent felony. It is alleged that on Oct. 28, Gilbert knowingly entered or remained unlawfully in a dwelling -- an upper apartment on Central Avenue in Batavia -- with the intent to commit a crime therein and when entering or immediately fleeing from the dwelling, he or another participants in the alleged crime caused physical injury to a person who was not a participant in the crime.


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Le Roy Law

How do you prove the time of an arrest when the officers deposition states the time 2 hours later than it was.
I was riding an atv in a field when I came to the road a officer tried to stop me. Ikept going back off road in to the field a ways and shut off atv and waited. Officer came back a d arrested me for resisting arrest..later at the station they did testing and issued me 2 dwi charges. That was around 2 hours after I was arrested in the fields. But the deposition is saying the time of arrest was 2 hours later when we got to the station.
What does all the police paperwork say? What does the fingerprint report say - that has a time of arrest on it? Were...
Is it legal to enter canada with a dui?
the dui was 9 years ago in isa
I don't see what the problem would be, unless there was a warrant because tou didn't show up to court.
If you are both drunk and get in an accident and you say you were driving and take the dwi for the driver can you beat the case?
My girlfriend was driving home and got in an accident. When the cops came i said i was driving so she didn't get a dwi. i blew a .16. and got arrested for dwi. When i go to court i will plead not guilty because i wasn't actually driving. Is there a way i can beat the case?
You will need a very good defense attorney to overcome the damage you did to yourself. Interview and hire one who you...
What are the consequences of assualt 3rd, aou 3rd, and dwi in new york state?
I was intoxicated and decided to drive home, on the way i popped both front tires and had to pull over on the side of the road. Me and my friend got into an argument and i hit them. I couldnt fix the tire so i sat on the side of the road, ending up falling asleep and a cop came arresting me for these three offences. I'm wondering what my consequences may be. If im facing jail time or what?
I do not practice in your area, but the potential ramification for these crimes is jail. Whether you will ultimately be...
Can you get a DUI almost 4 months after an accident?
My brother was in a very bad car accident. He was in ICU for a month and then he was in TBI therapy for a month, he has been home for about 1.5 months since the accident in September. On Christmas Eve the officer called and said he would be getting charged with a DUI because he had THC present in his system. He has told us he did not smoke that morning before the accident but did within the last couple of days. I have read that if it appears in his system even if he was not impaired he could still be charged. (which is the case but we can not wrap our head around the fact that this is almost 4 months later) How can they go from telling my mom over and over that there was nothing in his system to now this?
Your brother should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney ASAP for possible representation if in fact he...
How much should it cost for a good dwi attorney
Got a charge of dwi for falling asleep at wheel while on medication prescribed.no alchohol involved
Fees vary from attorney to attorney and based on where your case is pending. Where was your arrest?
I have been given a tickets for dwai and dwi
had 2 drinks at my moms christmas eve,heading home got stopped by nystate troopers i told them that and i was just like not even 6 tenths of a mile, they pulled me over in my yard and they made me do some test in my slusshy driveway, i was honest and respectal to them the whole time. i am a big guy i wiegh over 240 two drinks seems not right . clean driving record the thing i blew in to sad 00.6 i think
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