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Is it possible to get two dui sentences changed from consecutive to concurrent?
I was sentenced to state prison for 22 1/2 months to 10 yrs for two consecutive 3rd dui's in August of 2011. They were both highest impairment charges. The judge denied me a county IP sentence which would have included a concurrent sentence. I had a public defender at the time because I could not afford a lawyer. I have done my jail time and want to know if its possible to get my sentence changed to a concurrent one so that I am not on parole for the next 7 years.
You are on state parole for 2 DUI sentences imposed almost 3 years ago. Moreover, as I understand your question, when...
If a police officer lied on a citation can you fight it? Can you fight breathalyzer tests?
I was pulled out of my tent, while sleeping, at 4:30 in the morning, in the middle of the woods, on private property from an officer at a party. I had a beer at 7pm when I arrived at the party while setting up my tent. Then I had another one at 9pm when people started to arrive. I then did NOT touch any alcohol because fights were going on and people were damaging my car. A lot happened after 9pm but I did not once touch any alcohol. So when the officer came to my tent and breathalyzed me, he asked if I have been drinking and I told him not in 7 hours and before that I only had 2 beers and when I took the test he told me I blew a .09. Which I just do not believe. Also officers let people go who blew .03 and .04 but the legal limit for people under 21 is 0. I know drinking in the first place was wrong but they are suspending my licenses for 90 days and telling me I can not go to work or school. Plus this is not going on my record and I am just at a loss. I can not stop going to college or work.
Perhaps you could plead not guilty and get a hearing date. Then, contact a local criminal defense attorney to discuss...
Just charged with dui in PA, have not even had piliminary hearing yet but we are moving to Florida.
Just charged with dui in PA, have not even had piliminary hearing yet and we are moving to Florida. Will Florida honor sentencing guidelines that PA gives if I choose to not fight dui?
Yes. Florida will not issue you any license if there is a suspension from another state. Also, Florida DMV will...
My brother will be getting parole in July, 2015 from DUI. However, his home plan has been denied due to his son
living there & the choices his son has made. His son has had parties and allowed his mother to come there whom she is part of the stress issue for my brother. Parole says his son has to move out before my brother can come home. What do I need to do to move his son and grandson out so he can return to his own home?
You inquiry is not really clear. They need to move, if he is going to live there. If they won't leave voluntarily, that...
I completed my probation term but still owe fines. Can I drink alcohol or would that be a violation?
My PO said my case would still be open until the fines were all paid but I wont be on "probation, probation" and that i do not have to check in, so does that mean i wont be charged additional supervision fees? And they wont be checking in on me? Or testing me? Would it be okay to be in a bar and drinking??
Your proposed activity seems highly risky. Save the money you would spend in a bar to pay down your court financial...
Im a pa resident and got a dui in ny. can pa suspend my license for one year ny just told me to get interlock for a year
my sentence in ny was to get the interlock system in my truck for one year and im not permitted to drive in ny. within ten days I got the system in my truck like they said and this was nov. now pa is telling me my license is suspended for one year then I have to get the interlock for a year. I have been paying for it for 5 months and pa says that don't matter can they do this?
Yes. PA is required under the Interstate Compact on Driver's Licensing to suspend your license here reciprocally....
First offense DUI and, very high BAC, but actual arrest was sketchy- almost premeditated. What can I do to prepare for my trial?
First offense DUI ( and underage! ) I was pulled over two houses away from my home. The police officers were only behind me for less than 30 seconds and pulled me over for "swerving." They were hiding behind this building and PEELED out behind me, I turned my turn signal to my road ( which wasnt more than 100 ft), they flipped their lights and I pulled over. They told me I was drunk before I even rolled my window down.. They never ID'd my passenger (who was 21, but they didnt know that because they never checked her ID.) They never searched my vehicle either. My BAC was .29 and I am under 21. I have no criminal record either.. I was in a REALLY sketchy area prior (getting gas and such) which I feel has a lot to do with it.
You may be able to challenge whether the police had reasonable suspicion to believe that a traffic violation had...