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  • Kansas student has terrifying Tinder encounter

    Tuesday May 17 | via USA Today 

    A University of Kansas student and sorority sister experienced a Tinder date gone horribly wrong last month when she was allegedly beaten and held against her will for six days by a man she met on the dating app. An arrest affidavit, filed with the Douglas County Court in Lawrence, Kan., in early May and obtained by USA TODAY College, alleges a 20-year-old woman was picked up at her sorority, which remains unnamed, to meet with Shane Steven Allen, a 30-year-old man she met on Tinder.


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  • Kansas sorority girl kidnapped and beaten by Tinder ...

    Thursday May 12 | via New York Daily News 

    A Lawrence, Kan., man was arrested after a 20-year-old student at the University of Kansas says he beat and held her hostage for six days inside his trailer after the two met on the dating app and went out together, according to court documents. The woman left her sorority house on a Tuesday afternoon to go on a date with Allen, and returned the following Monday with black eyes and bruises all over her chest, back and legs, according to an arrest affidavit.


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  • Man found guilty of murder in Lawrence throat-stabbi...

    Monday Apr 25 | via The Capital-Journal 

    A 34-year-old man has been convicted in the death of a Lawrence man who was found bleeding outside a fast-food restaurant. The Lawrence Journal-World reports that Joshaua Back was found guilty Friday of intentional second-degree murder in the May 2015 killing of Tracy Dean Lautenschlager.


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Lawrence Law

What is the washout period in Kansas??
Arrested for OUI Friday Dec. 18, 2015. I refused BAC test. They obtained a warrant to draw blood and they did so.
Wash out period? What does that have to do with anything? I guess it's just KS law.
What is the probability that the hospital/police took a blood sample after arrest? Who can see those results?
After being tazed and head busted open, I was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and three other felony charges and two misdemeanor. There were accusations of cocaine use and I was drinking.I was transported to the hospital. Is it likely that my blood was drawn and tested? If it was drawn who will be allowed to see the results? More specifically can my probation officer see the results? I also have a custody fight going on. Can the judge for that CINC or DCF see those results?
You need to contact an attorney who specializes in criminal law. While I practice in Maryland and can advise you about...
A washout period refers to the statue of limitations for a DUI conviction. I believe Kansas washout period is 10 years.
Arrested for OUI In Lawrence KS
The limitation for actions, last time I checked, was 5 years to prosecute on a DUI.
It's been 3 months since I got arrested for my second DWI, and I still haven't been charged with anything.
On April 10, 2015 I was driving drunk and hit a parked car. I refused the breathalyzer so they got a warrant to obtain my blood. I know there is no way at the time that they took my blood that I was under the legal limit. However, I still haven't been charged. My lawyer says he has witnessed instances where it takes this long for the blood results to come back from the KBI, but on rare occasions. I'm wanting to get some more opinions on what the odds are of me still getting charged. Has anyone had experience with it taking longer than this? This is my second DWI (the first one was a DUI if that matters). The other charges i'm facing include: Reckless driving, transporting open container, child endangerment, and refusal of breathalyzer test. Thank you in advance!
Yes. it can take that long. Listen to your lawyer. If you don't want to listen to him, why did you hire him? There...
First Offense DUI, can I apply for a diversion before second court appearance?
I was arrested for a first offense OUI, I was passed out at a stop sign for 2 hours the police said. My breathe test was .141, I've already gone to my first court date and plead not guilty. I applied for a PD, but wasn't approved. I can't afford an attorney, and my next court date is in a couple weeks. Can I apply for the diversion program before my second court appearance? Or do I do it on my second court appearance? I am really confused with this whole process, and really need help but don't have the money for a DUI attorney.
Many attorneys offer free consultations.
Regarding being misinformed by my lawyer about my license after my second DUI.
I am in KS. I resently plead to my second DUI. My lawyer told me my license was still good until the conclusion of my drivers license hearing. I was pulled over today and told my license was suspended March 27th because I had plead guilty. I was also told the drivers license hearing was a separate issue and that my license can be suspended twice. Can I do anything about my lawyer misinforming me in this issue?
that might make a good defense to the suspended license charge, i.e., acting under incorrect legal advice. I hate to...
Does going on DUI diversion replace the 1-year drivers license suspension?
I got an DUI in Lawrence KS on Saturday January 24th and I failed the field sobriety tests as well as the breathe test. I blew a .194 so my punishments are harsher. I have been researching my different options for the state of Kansas, and an officer recommended I try to get on diversion. I am wondering if that is always an option that is granted for a first time offender, or if there's a process just to have that option. Also, I'm wondering if I do indeed get on diversion, will my drivers license still be suspended for the 1 year? What typically happens in cases like mine?
Diversion is not always granted. The discretion lies with the prosecutor. It may or may not be difficult to convince...