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And a second inncident hit and run leave scene property damage. Both cases have the same court date.
Potentially, but without knowing the individual's record, it is impossible to say. Consult a criminal defense attorney ASAP.
Had a single car accident in may or 2013 and was charged with dui only by my addmission of guilt. I had my 8year old son in the car
Whether or not you are eligible for a driving privilege depends upon the sentencing level that you received from the...
I had went to a sports bar, drank some beer and went to Waffle house and an argument occurred between my brother in law and some other guy eating there, as I was getting my brother in law out the door the cops showed up and told us to get in our car and leave, upon the orders I got in my car and started driving on the main road home which is less than a mile, my brother in law started getting aggressive with me threatening to hit me I pulled over at the store to keep from being struck while driving the cops heard us arguing and pulled in behind us and once again told me to get in the car and drive home which was .5 miles away, once again I did and as I pulled up and got out they pulled up I already had keys on the ground, before they got out, blew a .13. They told me to drive home!
You need to hire a DWI lawyer in your area. Consult with him or her and get advised on how to proceed. It is illegal...
Person has no DUI's or points. DWLS and responsibility fees recurring in other state. Person hasn't lived there in 4 years. Resides in NC.
There are 49 other states, Which one is it?
Cant I just pay the fine and get my liecences before court and have it threw out???????
This will help, but is not a certain solution. You should talk with a local lawyer (in person, not phone or Internet)...
I was at a party and drank at most 2 beers, the cops came in and lined everyone up and we all blew. I blew a .02 on the scale. It says it is a GS 18B 302 I. Is there any way I can NOT get it on my record for applications to colleges or jobs?
Do not just go down and pay a fine and don't just take plea, even if they offer you some type of deferred sentence....
My attorney told me that he will meet with the arrresting officer and discuadd details. Will I be there? What happens during this interview? Is this normal procedure in NC? Do I need to be concerned about this or is it just a time for my attorney to weigh in on the other side? I thought the first court date was to plead guilt or not guilty, so why doesnt my attorney fill me in on the process?
Understand I do not practice law in North Carolina but your question appears to be more about proper communication with...