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How and what should I do. I had a DUI arrest based on the officer going to the hospital and asking what medication I was given
I was in a hospital and given 2 mg of Morphine for pain. After 3 hours I wanted to leave and I signed out "AMA". (against medical advice). I was to be given a prescription for something for pain. I walked out and got into my vehicle. The hospital called the local police and they stopped me for DUI. The officer took me back to the ER where he asked the nurses and doctor what medication I was given and when. He did this to charge me with DUI. I never did give my permission to release my medical records. Also, when I was pulled over I was polite and the officer wanted to search my vehicle. I refused.I had nothing to hide, but when I pulled my cell phone out and started recording he became angry and told me to stop filming. I was also charged with Obstruction of Justice, but not told for why. What should I do?
I'm not in your state. You need to hire counsel or ask the court to appoint counsel. You might have a suppression...
If I am in an ongoing substance abuse treatment program, can I not get my license reinstated until treatment is completed?
First time DUI (misdemeanor) in WV. According to what I have read, I cannot get my license reinstated until I have completed my substance abuse treatment program. I am in a Suboxone program that- at the least- will last a year. Because of a long history of depression, I will likely continue to need the counseling part of the program long after that. Since my counselor has to sign off on completion of treatment, am I likely looking at years before I can get my license back?
I am not a WV attorney, so my advice is not necessarily competent there. First, congratulations on your decision to...
Can I get my driving record expunged and I have 2 DUIs 7 yrs an older and I have suspenoin periods that I shouldn't have had.
I paid my citations to find out that the dmv had not updated my citations as paid. In short I lost my job on the rail road after 15 yrs and want to drive a truck but for obvious reasons probably won't be possible because of my driving record. Just looking for a chance to keep being a productive member of society.
The key is to get your WV driver's license in lawful status mode. Citation level offenses are points only and go off...
How can I be charged with a 3rd offense driving on suspended when I haven't been charged with a second offense.
I was arrested on 3/6/2017 for driving on suspended while revoked for DUI and I was charged with a 3rd offense felony driving on suspended. In February of 2017 I pled guilty to srl miscellaneous and I have one more prior SRl miscellaneous plea and one first offense driving on suspended. I am confused as to why they're charging me with a 3rd offense. And the officer no probable cause to pull me over in the first place.
Not enough information here to provide a clear response. A DUI Revoked 1st and another DUI Revoked 1st followed by a...
Is taking a bite of a "pot brownie" then spitting it out considered possession?
My 15 year old grand-daughter is facing an expulsion hearing tomorrow for admitting to taking a bite of a "pot brownie" (the drug test was inconclusive) then spitting it out. Is this considered possession?
Did she know the brownie had pot in it? If so then yes she possessed it.
I was arrested for dui and driving while license suspended.. but i wasnt behind the wheel and didnt have the keys & not my car.
offcMe and my friends had pulled into a parking lot looking for another friend.. the girl who owns the car jumped outta the front seat and ran inside i got out of the back seat on the drivers side and a police officer had pulled in behind the car he orders me to get in the car.. drivers side front seat and then tells me to get back out of the car.. then proceeds to give me tests and a breathalyzer.. i told him the car was not mine the owner had just ran inside to get a friend.. i didnt even have the keys to the car.. he says in his report he saw me exit the vehicle and ordered me back info the vehicle to which i complied.. and then proceeds to arrest me.. but never went inside to question the owner of the car.. the owner/driver is going to court with me to tell them i wasnt driving..
What's your question asker? There isnt' a question here. You're going to need an attorney to fight this.
I got a dui in ky and I now live in wv and need wv license..I
I got a dui in ky 2 years ago started the classes in ky and had to moveto wv and I just completed all the dui classes for wv but ky requires more classes and I done everything wv required to get wv license but ky requires more classes then wv does..and I payed $400 for these 6 wks of class and ky requires 26 weeks so will I have to complete the total 26 weeks for ky before I can get a wv license...bc I already completed wv dui classes which only require 6 weeks. I don't need ky license, I need wv and I completed wv requirements
Until Kentucky releases you, thus reinstated you in full there, West Virginia nor any other state in the union will...