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  • When abusers have the keys to your home

    Thursday Jan 11 | via Newsday 

    Across the US, sexual harassment at the hands of landlords, property managers and others in the housing industry can drive poor women and their children into homelessness. It is a problem badly understood and virtually unstudied.


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  • Laurinburg police looking for burglary suspect, alle...

    Thursday Dec 21 | via WMBF 

    LAURINBURG, NC Laurinburg Police are looking for two people: a man who allegedly entered an apartment and tried to assault a resident with a knife, and the woman who allegedly drove him away from the apartment. Paul Andrew Chavis, 25, is wanted for first-degree burglary after allegedly entering a unit at Scotland Manor Apartments in Laurinburg on December 8. Police Chief Detective White said Chavis had a knife on him, and was attempting to use the knife to assault the resident of the apartment.


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  • Man faces felonies for distributing lewd photos -

    Dec 14, 2017 | via The Robesonian 

    A Laurinburg man faces more than two dozen felony counts after lewd images of his former girlfriend were distributed over the internet, according to a Red Springs police captain. Corey DeWayne Graham, 46, of 8181 Green Acres Road, Laurinburg, was arrested Tuesday for several computer-generated crimes, according to Capt.


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Laurinburg Law

Limitations on DUI?
I have a friend that had a DUI 10 years ago he was wondering would the steps be the same in him trying to acquire his licenses as 10 years ago. Or are there a statue of limitation on it.
It really depends on how the original charge was handled, the circumstances of the original charge, and the level of...
What do I do to get my license released from NC after being charged with DUI 2 yrs ago ? and missing court?
I was the passenger in an accident 2 yrs ago but at some point after the wreck I apparently told them I was driving and charged with dui. I was with the man I was having an affair with and he was driving. I can only imagine I said I was driving so my husband wouldn't find out I was with him that night. I since then have moved to montana, almost immediately because I had small kids and was partially paralyzed, my husband was up north working. I went through some really tough times over the last two years and alone I'm trying to get my kids back. I was not driving that vehicle but If i need to plead guilty I will but I need to know what to do next. I had paid an attorney a partialand was waiting on tax money that January and my grandma wiped 10 grand out my account and I never seen that money therefore having to forfeit my attorney. I since then have been in California and am about to startschool and really want to start getting back on my feetif you can help that would be great. thanks
You really need a lawyer to get this DWI back on the docket and re-heard so you can move on. They will likely let you...
Can I fight this in any way shape or form and have positive results?
I received my first offence of a DWI two years ago. I wrecked my truck into the trees on the side of the road and was thrown from the vehicle. Needless to say I was given a blood alcohol test. I put off the court date, but was informed that Raleigh (where they sent my blood to be tested at) was backed up with work and that it would be a while before they got the results back. I went ahead with court and received a DWI and lost my lisence for a year. When getting a copy of my police report a year later for classes to get my lisence back, I was informed that Raleigh never sent my blood work back, rather they destroyed it. There is no proof I had alcohol in my system. It has been two years, but is there anything I can do about this? My main concern is to bring my HIGH insurance rates down. Thank you for your input and time.
Without blood test results what proof could be presented that you were drunk? Did you have defense counsel? Did you...
Can I beat this case? How hard would it be?
I got pulled over for a dwi but I did not pass the line like he said I did. There was a tape of it but they said they could not produce it. I blew twice the legal limit.
There are many ways to fight a DWI case, including some procedures that could possibly get the breath test result...
I had a DUI reduced to reckless driving. Will it show up through employment background checks.
I had a DUI reduced to reckless driving. My lawyer informed me that the charge would not show up on my criminal record, Is that true? He said it would only go on my driving record. I live in North Carollina and received the ticket in South Carolina. My insurance has not increased and my license was not taken. Has the ticket been turned over to the state of North Carolina. It happened 2 years ago.
Unless you apply for a "driving" job, such as truck driving, UPS or other delivery service, I would not think the...
Is it safe to fly within the US with a DWI conviction?
I was convicted of DWI last year. The conviction is level 5, supposedly the lowest level in North Carolina. I'm currently on F1 OPT STEM extension, awaiting response to my employer's H-1B petition. I have never had to fly within the US before but I need to do so for my friend's wedding. Is it safe to do so with my DWI conviction? If it is safe, could I be taking any documentation with me just in case?
You need to present valid government issued id. DWI does not prevent travel.
How can I avoid jail time when charged with DUI Level 1?
I had a seizure behind the wheel and wrecked the car into a power poll. My son who was 17 at the time was in the car too. I don't remember the wreck at all. I did however offer my blood to the officer bc I knew I wasn't drinking or on anything. But I just got the discovery paperwork and my blood showed medication in it that I have never taken. It took the State lab 2.5 yrs to process my blood. I'm SURE this blood isn't mine! I have proof from all the pharmacies in my area. The blood work didn't even show the meds I am on. One of them is an opiate. The DA offered me 30 days in jail or at a rehabilitation center. I'm a disabled veteran and I'm in a wheelchair with seizures so I have daily meds I HAVE to take but the county jail will not give out meds my
So you are saying the lab switched the samples of your blood? The only way to truly find out what happened is to hire...