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  • Maryland Coast Dispatch

    Thursday Aug 31 | via The Dispatch 

    A Pennsylvania woman was arrested on first-degree assault and other charges last weekend after allegedly threatening to kill her husband with a knife during a domestic dispute. Around 8:30 p.m. last Friday, Ocean City Police Department officers responded to a reported domestic assault that had already occurred at a residence on Seaward Road.


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  • Two liquor store employees burned after molotov cock...

    Wednesday Aug 30 | via The Washington Post 

    Two liquor store employees were burned after a molotov cocktail was tossed inside the Maryland shop where they were working and ignited a fire. Kevon R. Edwards, 23, of Laurel has been arrested in the attack and charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault, arson and other related crimes, according to the Prince George's County Fire Department.


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  • Man arrested in Prince Georgea s Co. Molotov cocktai...

    Wednesday Aug 30 | via WTOP-FM Washington 

    Officials in Prince George's County arrested a man for throwing a Molotov cocktail in a liquor store in Beltsville that injured two employees. Prince George's County Fire officials say that 23-year-old Kevon Robert Edwards of Laurel, Maryland, entered a liquor store in the 11700 block of Beltsville Drive in Beltsville with a container filled with an ignitable liquid and lit a product stuffed into the top of the container.


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  • Officials: Man Throws Molotov Cocktail in Store, Inj...

    Wednesday Aug 30 | via WCBM-AM Pikesville 

    Authorities say a man threw a "Molotov cocktail" inside a liquor store in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, injuring two employees. The Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department says a man entered the Beltsville store Sunday evening and threw the container filled with an ignitable liquid and a lit product, hitting two employees and starting a fire.


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Laurel Law

Submitting some documentation related to DUI to court.
I got a PBJ for DUI about 5 months ago. The judge said that he does not want me to get a negative impact for looking for my jobs, and willing to do something for me. I assume that I need to submit some sheet or whatever I need to be prepared for that. Is anybody know what can I do for that?
The judge gave you probation before judgment to prevent you from having a DUI conviction on your record. I am not aware...
Dui in North Carolina and can I move out of state
Planning to move to Maryland with a dui in North Carolina . Can I use the same limited driving privilege or should I apply for a new one . Please advice
You would need to consult with a North Carolina attorney to determine if the limited driving privilege allows you to...
How to find an attorney to represent me for driving on highway without required Maryland license.
Hi there, on October 13th, 2016 around 6pm, I made a wrong turn in to the restricted area of NSA in Annapolis Junction, MD, and was asked where I was born, I answered "China", and was directed to a side lot. After two hours of car search and interrogation by the armed police officers, I was charged with "driving on highway without required license and authorization" and my car was impounded. Also I got a district Court Must Appear Notice. I have valid passport, Chinese driver's license, and the translation paperwork, all of which I presented to the NSA officers, and am in the process of getting a Maryland Driver's License. I was told by my Chinese driving coach, Baltimore City police (that they consider international license valid), MVA call center, and friends that I can drive with this documents without a time limit. I am on H1b visa for work in Baltimore City, purchased my car in Maryland, have car insurance. Can someone please help me with this case? I have no family here to advise me, and I don't know any one who has been in this situation to advise. Thank you.
You need to use the Avvo find a lawyer function to find a traffic ticket lawyer. But more information is needed. Who...
How Can I Avoid Jail Time For Driving With Suspended License?
I was pulled over for a broken taillight that I did not know was broken. (I work overnight and I overslept and I was worried about being late for work, unfortunately I didn't bother to check). I also forgot my wallet due to me rushing out the door to get to to work on time so when the police officer asked for my license, I couldnt give it to him. He looked up my new address (I moved from Maryland to Virginia) and he told me my license was suspended! I honesltly did not know that it was suspended. The police officer did not take me to jail, and he did give me a ride to work. My dad had to meet me on my break so I can give him my keys to drive the car back home. I am really worried about going to jail. Even with the address change I did. I never received anything in the mail about a suspended license. I have a young child that I am raising on my own with no fiancial help from his father, and things are pretty tight with my father when it comes to finances. I can pay what is needed to get my license in good standing, but I cannot afford a lawyer. What can I do? This is my first driving with suspened license charge if that helps.
You should immediately clear up any issues with your license so that it is valid. Then you should consult with an...
How do I get a restriction removed from drivers license? I waited the required suspension period, the restriction is still there
License was suspended for 120 days for refusing a breathalyzer. Was offered a restricted license provided I got an Interlock device installed. I had 45 days to get device installed, if not the suspension would still be upheld from the date of hearing. The Order of Modification states that if no device is installed, I have my license suspended for 120 days. If the device was installed, I would have to submit paperwork from Interlock and get a restricted license. I decided not to get device installed and wait the 120 days. Applied for a duplicate license and the restriction is on there without the paperwork stated on the Order of Modification for Suspended License.
You need to go to the MVA with your paperwork to have a license issued without the restriction. Do not drive until you...
Can I sue the MVA , after wrongfully cancelling my cdl
I currently hold a class A cdl license, I depend on my license as a source of income. MVA recently cancellled my license because apperantly my dot medical card had expire. I had applied at ups for a truck driving job which was going to be my bread and butter and was disqualified due to my cancelled dl's. I was also force to pay for a new dl's. So I lost a good job and paid for a new dl's also drove for about 3 months suspended.I have documents proving that I updated my dot medical card back in may of 2014 now I have been unemployed and was forced to get a lower paying job than what ups was going to give. Any opinions
I doubt that the MVA has any liability, but if you intend to sue the MVA. there are time limits to put any State on...
I live in Florida and my license is suspended per the state of Maryland. I need help with reinstatement.
In about 1985 my license was revoked by the state of Maryland. In 1992 MVA told me all I had to do was take the driving improvement course and it would be reinstated. I took the course and the school forwarded the certificate to the MVA. I also held a valid VA license at the time. I had an emergency and had to move to Florida before I could have a hearing. Upon arriving in Florida I gave the DMV my VA license and received a Florida license. The 9/11 happened. Florida suspended my license per the state of Maryland. Now the state of Maryland sent me a packet of papers about 2 inches thick of demands to be met for reinstatement. I need help. Any attorney willing to help please let me know.
You need to complete the application for reinstatement and then once approved, retake the driving test. Depending on...