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Can I be accused of rape when I was intoxicated?
So I was intoxicated over at another person's house but they were intoxicated too but they started to fall unconscious and I didn't realize they were until a bit afterwards so I stopped but I didn't have sex with them. They found specimen inside of them though. Idk what to do bc I wasn't thinking bout it bc I was impaired from the drugs. I didn't have intentions in having sex either before I arrived there sober. I just went over to party with them, nothing more. I never committed a crime before this either and I'm young with a good background. And I already have the love of my life. I'm starting to develop mental problems bc of this and me thinking bout my future. What can I do and will the prosecutor go through with it?
I would not post anything else on any public forums and immediately hire an attorney or ask for a public defender.
I signed a contract while intoxicated.
Is this contract binding? A sales rep for a security company took advantage of my will I was intoxicated and even had drinks with me on 2 separate occasions. I was not properly informed what I was getting too and lied to my wife saying installation was free. Not the case, Since I didn't cancel within 3 days which bidden me to a 5 year contract, which I was not aware of due to my condition. The company is AMP Securities if you want to look up other complains with the BBB.
You should consult with an Indiana Business Attorney to discuss your situation. Your assertion of a lack of capacity...
I had got a dui out of state now where I reside they are suspending my licenses also.
I was in Illinois when I had got my DUI but I live in Indiana. My licenses was suspended for 1 year in Illinois and I completed my evaluation and completed the classes. The car I was driving wasn't mine or insured, I was told it was. now Indiana wants proof of insurance of is now suspending my license. Is there anything I can do??
Give them proof, or hire an attorney that they might listen to more than you.
How do I go about getting my drivers liscense I had multiple dui,s about 15 to 20 years ago and dont no my status courts,fines
I havent had a liscense since my last dui many years ago how can i get my liscense back and get my record cleared I also wondered does it help that I have not had any trouble since that time im clean and sober so driving drunk would never happen again,would I need an attorney its been 15 to 20 years ago i might have fines to pay also?
A good start would be to check with your licensing authority and ask what you need to do to get your license back....
What paper work do i file to quash a dui
Have a dui and insurance and stuff are very expensive
You can't quash it. But may be able to seal it. Meet with a local criminal defense attorney to discuss. There are...
Have two dui's within four years several years ago.caught a charge for theft recently.can I be changed with felony
Going to court for theft.have two prior DUI charges from six years ago.can courts pull up my DUI and charge me with a felony
Your prior OVWIs won't enhance your current theft charge. You can be charged with Felony Theft if the amount is over $...
Do I really need to hire an attorney to attend my modification hearing? (felony to a misdemeanor, DUI, speeding in 2013)
I requested the hearing myself in a letter I hand delivered to the Prosecutor's office. The attorney who was supposed to be representing me at the time of the infraction in fact didn't show at the Court House twice. Do I really require legal representation? At present, I'm not in position to hire an attorney as I have not been able to find employment since July of 2015 due to my felony.
Technically no, you have a right to represent yourself. It is advisable to have a lawyer however. If the prosecutor is...