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  • Shooting, fatal stabbing in Lathrop

    Jan 15, 2017 | via RecordNET 

    Sheriff's officials were investigating two violent crimes separated by less than a mile in the small city of Lathrop early Sunday, including a stabbing that killed a man. The first call came in at 1:37 a.m. of a man who had been shot on the 200 block of J Street, a residential neighborhood just east of Interstate 5 and just south of a shopping development.


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What do I need to do before my DUI court date?
I was pulled over one night driving a friend home when I was pulled over for speeding, my friend had stated to the officer I was giving her a ride home.I had given him my license and registration then he hold me to get out of the car & began making me take tests. He said I couldn't blow in the breath test hard enough & I did 3 times. He didn't tell me my bac level & he said he was going to take me in just for a suspicion of a DUI. Once I was in the car he has asked me if I wanted to do a breath test or a blood test. I have told him I did the breath test so I had to do the blood one. They still haven't told me my bac level & I stood in jail for 8 hours. So what courses of actions should I take before court if this was my first one? I have never received a ticket, been in jail or anything.
First course of action is to obtain a lawyer
1988 DUI ,I fulfilled all court recquirements including 6 Mo. school but DMV says I should have been sent to a year school.
Have I fallen between the cracks,or am I obligated to take another 18 months of DUI school because they only offer 6 mo. and 18 mo. schools and Dmv wont let me take another 6 mo. school which the court assigned me, to complete the year of classes?
The first question I would have for you is what is the current status of your California Driver’s License. Understand...
Can a DUI be expunged?
I was convicted of a DUI 9 years ago and am interested in having it expunged. Is that even possible? If so, would I still have to disclose the conviction on job applications?
While relief pursuant to Penal Code section 1203.4 is discretionary for DUI convictions, in many counties so long as...
Can an Asylum Seeker with a DUI Conviction and Bench Warrant get deport ?
Hello. Thanks for your interesting. I an Asylum Applicant that i applied my application at the immigration court March 2016. I was charged for overstaying. I was also convicted about DUI in December 2013. It is been over 3 years now but i have a bench warrant for driving with suspended license which was related my dui conviction. The last court day was about March 2015 and i didn't show up because public defender at the court told me that i have to show them a valid california driver license but i was not able to because dmv was asking my social security for that and i didn't have it. I scared to go to court beause it could be jail time. When i applied for asylum i waited for 180 day and applied for work permit when i have a bench warrant for driving with suspended license. I got my work permit, social security and california id. Next few weeks i will have driver license as well. When i get my driver license i want to go court which i have warrant. Most likely i will be convicted about that too and i will have 2 misdemeanor. DUI and Driving with Suspended license. So what's gonna happen. As An Asylum Seekers with 2 misdemeanor, do you guys think ICE could come to my home ?
Why not hire a lawyer to have the warrant recalled?
Does a prop 36 warrant come up in a background check
If it does will the employer tell me that why they won't hire me is because of a prop 36 drug warrant? I just recently got hired at a job and before I could even start my orientation. I was told I failed a drug test for meth but I know for a fact the test was inconclusive and I never took the piss test. The managers exact words were " I'm not suppose to tell you this but you fail the drug test and it wasn't for weed. I can't touch you for the next six months. I have faith in you. In 6 months if you aren't happy where you are come back and I'll hire you." And before I thanked him and walked off he stopped me looked me in the eyes and said again I have faith in you. I believe him even though none of this makes sense to me.
Most warrants "come up" in background checks. Clear the warrant.
Can i reduce a sentence on a 3rd dui?
I was arrested for a 3rd dui in 10 years. My first dui was in 2007, my second in 2010 (was reduced to wet and reckless) and I was arrested in June of this year. I blew a .09 and I hired an attorney. I was told to plea no contest and take the 120 days jail time which I am allowed to do awp. I have signed up and started my awp. I also have the scram bracelet. Is it possible to petition with the courts to get my awp days lowered? I am a single mom, and I am finding it difficult to find daycare. If I finish out 30 days on awp, will that help? I am just looking into any options.
120 days is the mandatory minimum for a third DUI within ten years. You should get half time credits on the work...
How much time would I do in SAN Joauquin county jail for a 10 day sentence do to a suspended license?
I got pulled over for not having my seat belt on and driving on a suspended license, went to court judge gave me 10 days in jail with a turn in date if I didn't want to do the work program to avoid jail time.
On 10 days you will do either 5 in custody (with a possible early release based on factors weighed by the department of...