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What do I need to do before my DUI court date?
I was pulled over one night driving a friend home when I was pulled over for speeding, my friend had stated to the officer I was giving her a ride home.I had given him my license and registration then he hold me to get out of the car & began making me take tests. He said I couldn't blow in the breath test hard enough & I did 3 times. He didn't tell me my bac level & he said he was going to take me in just for a suspicion of a DUI. Once I was in the car he has asked me if I wanted to do a breath test or a blood test. I have told him I did the breath test so I had to do the blood one. They still haven't told me my bac level & I stood in jail for 8 hours. So what courses of actions should I take before court if this was my first one? I have never received a ticket, been in jail or anything.
First course of action is to obtain a lawyer
1988 DUI ,I fulfilled all court recquirements including 6 Mo. school but DMV says I should have been sent to a year school.
Have I fallen between the cracks,or am I obligated to take another 18 months of DUI school because they only offer 6 mo. and 18 mo. schools and Dmv wont let me take another 6 mo. school which the court assigned me, to complete the year of classes?
The first question I would have for you is what is the current status of your California Driver’s License. Understand...
Can I be charge of DUI if I wasn't pulled over and cops only smelled me while I'm outside?
Cops did a breathalyzer test when I was outside the car because they smelled me. I was outside the car, they didn't see me drive, I wasn't pulled over. Can they still charged me of DUI? Yes I was over 0.08 but I was outside a vehicle, I wasn't driving or pulled over.
yes you can. the police need to prove you were driving. the issue may be in how the police contacted you.. without a...
How can I get a dui a hour and a half after the fact at home?
So one morning my daughter was running late for work and asked for a ride. The night before I drank some wine but woke up fine just sick from a cold. I take her to work and while coming through my complex automatic gate I pulled up as it was closing, it usually retracts back when a car is pullin in but it didnt and hit my driver side by my front tire and I was stuck, in a fret I tried to go forward but ended up hitting a parked vans front license plate off with some scratches. At which time my manager come over and tells me to backup as I complied. She and the maintenance man pushed the gate back for me to enter and she askef where I was going? I told her to park my car, she stated have you been drinking I said No, she said well I have to get the car owner whose car was hit, I said fine I'll be at home. The owner of the car comes over ask if I have insurance, which i did not at the time, so I let her know I would pay for her damages, to whereas she stated well I have to call the police.The police show up a hour and an half later ask for me to do a fst which i told them I couldnt do because i was jittery and later let then know I had a hot toddie for my cold. They then arrested me.
You can be charged with a crime at any time prior to the expiration of the statutory limitations period. For a...
My hus was picked up on a DUI warrant and had to two dui. They referred him to a DUI residential program how long does those pro
My husband had court today on a dui warrant.they said he has to go to a residential program to do treatment and will be released to the program when they pick him up from jail. My question is how long do you have to do program when you DUi?
Depends what the court ordered him to do. We can't answer that without knowing the case. Talk to your hubby or his...
What will happen to the Non-custodial parent who just got arrested for a DUI and was driving with a suspended license?
I just found out that the father of our two children was arrested yesterday for a DUI. He posted bail. Mind you, he has been working under the radar for years (1099 never paying taxes or child support). He does not even spend time with our kids, but takes care of his girlfriend and her family. While our children go without. It's just not fair!! He is in the arrears by $11,500 and owes $12,500. What is it going to take to for him to pay? His drivers license was suspended for not paying child support. Will he serve any jail time for this? We both live in California. This guy needs a wake up call for sure!! Thank you for taking the time to my question.
Well, he's going to have even less money for child support now. He might do some jail time, but not much. Frankly,...
Can I enroll online classes by myself or do I have to ask for court's approval first?
I'm from Austria so I'm not really familiar with laws here. I received a wet and reckless charge last year in CA. BAC was 0.9 and I pleaded guilty. I had to pay 1500$ as a fine and court ordered me to finish 3 months first time offender DUI class. I paid the fine but and asked for leave of absence from my DUI classes because I had to leave the country. Now I'm back to US, living in NY. I called CA DMV to check if there's any suspensions on my license. They said there's no suspension and I'm good to drive as long as I have SR-22. But court ordered me to finish DUI classes. Can I enroll online classes by myself or do I have to ask for court's approval first? If I need approvement, how can I ask for it from NY? Otherwise do I have to enroll DUI programs here in NY? If so which program is good for me? Do I have to send any paper to court after I finish the program? Thanks
You can enroll as a volunteer, however you may have a bench warrant from the court for not completing the class.