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I won my dwi dmv case, but got a deferred judgement for six months in court with a dismissed charge if complete my conditions.
In the conditions I have to have the interlock in the car for six months, I had the interlock installed and I went to my interlock license dmv is not showing that I have to have an interlock license. Since I won the dmv hearing do I need to have the license? The court will not file until the end of my probation stating that it was dismissed. Can the dmv come back and force me to have the interlock again after they receive the dismissal?
If the conditions say you have to have an IID then you have to have an IID.
Arrested for DUI but not convicted: would this prevent me from getting a teaching license?
I was arrested for DUI eventhough I was under the legal limit. This was five years ago and not in my home state. It went to court anyway and I got 2 years probation then it was changed to not-guilty and I have no criminal record, no convictions. Just a couple questions. On a teacher license application where they say I have to list "plea-guilty/convictions/deffered or dismissed charges, do I have to list this? Would it show up on a FBI fingerprint back ground check? Would this prevent me from getting a license?
Every state has it's own statutes regarding restrictions on professional licensing that result from criminal...
How are punitive damages decided, how much $ can one involved in a dui case be expected to pay?
i was the driver in a dui case and am being sued for punitive damages. i have no job. i have no income. i had insurance at the time which the party i hit refuses to be paid out by.
Hire an attorney.
If i was arrested for DWI can my ex prevent me from seeing my children
I was pulled over for suspicion of DWI just recently and my kid were with me. They allowed them back with there mother and I hired a lawyer to fight this but now she is saying I can't see them can she do that.?
No. She probably is worried about your drinking and driving with the kids in the car, which is serious. Whatever...
20 years old received a minor attempt to enter establishment with alcohol. what will the penalties be?
do i fall under the minor category? will this be affect my dwi in a different county?
See the answers to the original post of this question. Included were some excellent answers from NM attorneys. I...
Is it possible to erase DUI's in Utah more than 15 years old
Utah DUI's and jail time
It is always possible to EXPUNGE misdemeanors or felonies as long as you did not go to state prison. The forms are...
I have a revoked license dwi in nm can I get a license in any other state?
I am a mechanic and need to drive for my job. when convicted I was told I need a breathilizer for life
You will not be able to obtain a license lawfully in any other state while you are revoked in New Mexico. The...