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Do I really need to hire an attorney to attend my modification hearing? (felony to a misdemeanor, DUI, speeding in 2013)
I requested the hearing myself in a letter I hand delivered to the Prosecutor's office. The attorney who was supposed to be representing me at the time of the infraction in fact didn't show at the Court House twice. Do I really require legal representation? At present, I'm not in position to hire an attorney as I have not been able to find employment since July of 2015 due to my felony.
Technically no, you have a right to represent yourself. It is advisable to have a lawyer however. If the prosecutor is...
What should I do and what am I facing?
Arrested for owi,owi per se after going left of center and hitting another vehicle. No injuries involved. Registered .21. First offense. Never been in trouble. I'm 21 years old.
Hire a local criminal defense attorney. You can not move forward unrepresented. If you can't afford an attorney...
How can get my drivers license back after 3 dui ten year suspension it has been 31/2 yrs I have two children a awesome job
I have three dui lost license 10 years I have habitual substance due to the court system going back ten years to convict me on habitual I am going to be single dad with my two year old and to get her to places as me to work!
Due to the length of time you talking about in the types of suspensions, you would do best to consult with a local...
Got Oui in whitey county indiana. As described below, is this the best I can get?
At gas station outside car. Officer pulls up ask for license. Gives breath test. 1.2 I am amazed as my drinking was from night before. I was on way to work thinking nothing about it. Go to hospital refuse test hoping to drop below legal limit. Don't know that one as they ordered it done anyway. To jail. Third test. 1.6 now. Got bail, got lawyer, got plea agreement. Still have oui, will drop oui per se, 1 year 6 days with year suspended, 90 day license suspended instead of year. Six days in jail, 40 hours community service, 430 in fines. Lost job. With this on record not much hope of getting another. Can't get anywhere anyway. Wasn't even in car clerk at gas station smelled alcohol and called cop.
Sounds like a decent deal to me, especially given the fact you seem unfazed whatsoever by the fact you were a .12 and...
When can I get my license back with 3 dui charges in Indiana.
Hello all. First off any advice is greatly appreciated. I have a situation I have been dealing with and need a fresh perspective. I have 3 dui charges in the state of Indiana. my third while I was on probation for the second one and currently have 2 felonies. I am currently on the DADs program and just completed the drug court treatment program with no sanctions or negative remarks. I got the duis while using ambien. I was at home and took ambien after drinking and woke up in jail the past two times. I would take an ambien and wake up in the middle of the night and not knowingly take more. Then wake up in jail for a dui. I was extremely depressed and dealing with a parents suicide and dealt with it the wrong way. I am alcohol and ambien free for over 2 years and never felt better. I was classified as a HTV and lost my license for 10 years. I am single and work full time. I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice and 6 years military service with honorable discharge. I am not a bad person was just in a bad spot and ended up in an even worse situation. Now I drive a scooter while I have a truck that's paid off just sitting in the driveway. Is there any stipulation on a drivers li
You may be eligible for Specialized Driving Privileges. You need to discuss this option with your criminal defense...
Just got a DUI, will this effect my immigration and entry at airport
Hello, This weekend for first time in 7 years , I made a stupid mistake and got arrested for DUI. I regret it every moment of my life and totally freaking out. I am on work visa here and now worried will this effect my employment or my eligibility to stay in this country and further process. This is my first case ever and now only thing I do is cry and regret. I have got an attorney for the case but just want to know it will effect for my current status and for my immigration process. Totally clean record till now and I promise to keep clean after this thing , No alchohol ever . Please advise
Generally that will cause one's nonimmigrant visa to be cancelled.
Can a informant that's going into a control buy do drugs at the suspect home and the case still sticks?
Someone thinks the guy is a CI and sold him drugs but he set there in did them before he left
Yes the case can stick on the testimony of a c.i.. Best to consult with a local Criminal Defense attorney asap!