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My husband got two dwi can he be approved for a I 130
My husband got two dwi his first one he was on house arrest and paid his fine his 2nd one he went to jail and was pick up by immigration and was let go on a 5000$ bond and goes to immigration court he has another court in 20018 can he get approved for a I 130 or will he get pick up on the day of his I 130 interview
he can be approved for the I-130 and I suggest you file it immediately. The I-485 will need to be filed with the court...
We are planning to move to texas, can we reinstate it there? or what we are going to do? we are so confused.
My husband had DUI way back 2012 and his Driver's license was suspended for 90 days. He took class and done with service and cleared it with court. But today he wants to renew it, but the OMV said his license was suspend since march 23,2016 till December 23,2016 without notice. we are surprised since we didnt know about it or his lawyer never mention about the 9 months suspension.
He probably has to clear up the suspension before TX would issue him a license.
My bf just got charged with his third DWI, on probation and SIMPLE BURGLARY - Motor Vehicle - 4 Count. what would he get?
hes on probation already
If he got caught by a half competent cop for actually doing the crime I would think jail time, and many months of it....
WHat is the law is about 2 dwi?
I wasn't drunk but I was tired I got off from one job & went straight to another one then drunk a half of beer & felt to sleep at a red light I pass breath test but they got me at the jail & took my urine & it wasn't clean
Best to run not walk in hiring a criminal defense attorney who can advise you specifically on your case. otherwise...
Can the ten years that i have for my 5th dwi run concurrent to the 15 years that I'm backing up from my 4 the dwi
I'm backing up 15 years with credit for time served from my 4th dwi. Can my ten years I got for my 5th dwi run concurrent to the 15 years for the 4th dwi
Talk to your criminal attorney. Was this 2 parishes or one?
What will happen if you fail a drug test for first violation while on a misdemeanor probation?
I had to take a drug test today after my meeting with my probation officer; will I do jail time if any drugs were found in my results? I had a promotion party four days ago and believe I screwed up....
If this was your first drug test since arrest, it was just to set levels. If it was your second since arrest, it can...
What happens when you plea not guilty under article 894?
my son received a dwi, 1st offense, no breath test, no drug test taken. also, he got citations for reckless operation of vehicle, (i.l.u.?) and expired license plate (which was up to date) he hadn't applied the sticker.
894 is for when you plead guilty. It is not for when you plead not guilty.