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Why is a 2002 DUI still on a 3 year printout of my driving record?
I was pulled over in NV with a WA drivers license. The conviction came through in 2005, and some time after I moved to CA to start a family and go back to school. I recently was denied a job opening, pending an investigation by a third party background check company, because the DUI showed up as two states reporting a DUI revocation on my CA driving record. I received my CA driving license in 2009.
The date of the conviction doesn't matter. A DUI arrest, resulting in a conviction, starts the ten year period running....
What is the Process of Reinstating Driver's License?
Just wondering what the exact process and time frame would be for reinstating my Driver’s License after a DUI. (Shame on Me). My suspension ends on March 2 after 4 months. I know I have to get my SR22 sent ahead of time to the DMV from my insurance company. I will bring in the fee of $125. Since my charges were dropped from the court, I do not have any court certified forms to give the DMV to prove this. Will they already have this information on their system? Will I be going through the motions of applying for a new license (photo’s, thumbprint etc)? And does it go through a review process. Bottom line just wondering how long it will take to get it back from beginning to end. (Starting March 2). Thank You in advance! Liliana (38)
You can get it back quickly. The court will either (a) send an abstract of dismissal to DMV by mail or (b) by...
I was stopped with a BAC .08-follow-up
What might the plea deal be, and what would an atty do for me, and about how much is the cost? Thank you for your replies. This turns my world upside down
Plea negotiations depend on a variety of factors, but essentially hinge on the strength of the prosecution's case. The...
I was stopped with a BAC of .08 - followup.
In Marin Co, and with three CHP officers (1 car)there, I think they followed the rules. What kind of a plea dea might they offer, what will an atty do for me, and what is the approx cost? Thank you for your replies.
Plea negotiations depend on a variety of factors, but essentially hinge on the strength of the prosecution's case. The...
I was stopped with a BAC .08. Will the DA file charges (Marin Co)
I was stopped by a CHP as I left the highway, apparently slightly weaving. MY BAC was .08. They tell me that at court, the DA will tell me if - if - they are pressing charges. I have no priors for anything (age 23). I was not asked to post bail. What are the chances the DA will not press charges?
The chances are small that the DA will not press charges on a .08 case, and will decline only if there is some other...
How to reduce monthly court payments to a reasonable amount
I got a DUI about 2 years ago and have done all the requirements. The only thing left I have to deal with is the court fees. The county I live in, Marin Co., had determined how much I have to pay each month. I first tried community service but was not able to do the hours needed in the amount of time given, even after an extension of time. I converted them back to payments, but the amount required each month is putting a great financial burden on me. So much so that I have had hock belongings to pay and almost not able to pay my rent and bills. I filled out a form requesting the judge reduce my payments and give me more time, but was denied. I am told that if I don't pay the amount they say I must, they will add $300 and suspend my license again. I am poor and even more so now since my partner of 7 years passed away in November and I am now on my own. I have no assets and no credit and am desperate for some relief from these high payments every month. My probation isn't up for a year and 2 months. I don't understand why I can't stretch the payments out for that amount of time. If I could, the amounts would be reasonable and not cause so much distress. Please help.
Well a second job might help you pay.
What does it mean when on my CA DMV Driving record it says "Action Ended: 12-08-12" after a violation?
This notation appears after License suspension notices and a failure to appear notice, and NEG OP PROOF REQ Notice.
Most likely that's when the suspension ended.