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Should I hire a lawyer to attend my summons for a DUI?
I was recently pulled over for crossing the center line. I had consumed 7 alcoholic drinks in a 5 hr period. I by no means felt intoxicated, I did the road side test and the officer never mentioned I failed. He asked if I would submit to a breathalyzer and I said no, which he told me I was allowed to. He then cuffed me and put me in the back of his patrol car and asked if I would submit to a blood test, which I agreed to. So he took me to the local hospital, they took a blood sample and then I was released at the hospital, I never even went to the police station. They told me I would hear the results of the test in 4-6 weeks but my court date is scheduled for only 4 weeks out. I was told if my test results come back below the legal limit they would most likely dismiss everything, however I do not want to take any chances, as I've never been in trouble with the law before.
you are charged with a crime that can have lasting impacts. you should definitely hire an attorney experienced in...
My probation officers wants to extend my dui classes that I have finished. Can she?
I received a dui - did jail time for 3 months, finished my duo classes plus I finished therapy classes. My teachers say that I am finished my classes but my probation officer wants to extend them. Can she?
No. Presumably, the sentencing judge ordered a specific amount of hours. If PO wants to modify this amount, then s/he...
I need some advice about drug testing and level 1 DUI classes
Signed up for DUI classes. Wondering about the drug testing because I will have weed in my system from legal recreational use. Even stopping now won't get it out of my system in time. It stays for up to months sometimes. I used it legally but now that I'm in the course i'm concerned they will fail me due to testing positive. If they do drug test, what all are they testing for? Also, although I'm required to be enrolled in alcohol class my original charge was a DUID and it happened sometime in July 2014. I am no longer on probation and within my legal right to use marijuana. I don't know what to do?
First of all, I would ask why you are enrolled in alcohol classes at this time.? Is is a requirement to get your...
What do I do about my license and interlock if I have to sell my car
So I have got my dl back and I have had the interlock on my car for 10 months of a 2 year requirement and am now forced to sell the car. It has been almost 7 years since my dui what can I do.
You can arrange to have the interlock transferred to another vehicle for a fee. In this regard, some helpful general...
If I wasn't notified of my license being revoked, can I get a 'Driving Under Restraint ' charge dropped?
I was was charged with a DUI in May and had the charge dropped to a DWAI, but my license was set to be revoked as a result. I had put in a request for a hearing after first receiving my notice for revocation and received a temporary driving permit on July 8th, which was valid for 60 days, or until my hearing date, whichever came first. My hearing wasn't scheduled until Sept 6th and on Sept 1st I was in a car accident (got rear-ended) . The officer who arrived on scene said that my license had been revoked two days prior (Aug 29th) and gave me a summons for 'Driving under restraint'. Now I was under the impression from the information I had received from the DMV that I was still able to drive legally for a few more days. I never received a notice that my license was revoked, only one for my hearing date on the 6th. Can I get the charges dropped since I was never informed? I'm on probation for the DWAI charge, which can be revoked for this very reason. I'm trying to pay my dues and do everything by the book, but I feel defeated in this situation. Please, any info would be great.
Unless you're a minor, it sounds like your license was revoked not for the DWAI, but for excessive points. If you were...
Can I submit an affidavit of non-ownership for a DUI that happened in 2008 after already having interlock installed since Jan.
First offense DUI in Sept. 2008. I completed all classes, requirements, and fines. And opted to sell my car and didn't drive until I bought a car finally in January of 2016. At which point I was told I still needed to have an interlock for 2 years. Something has bugged me about this ever since, and I mentioned it to the Interlock provider during my monthly appointment last week and they said I could have submitted a DR 2056 (Affidavit of Non-Ownership) since I didn't drive for so long and that they don't tell you about it so, basically they can make more money off of you. Is it still possible now that I know this, to submit that form and NOT have to complete the full 2 years of interlock even after having it for almost 9 months?
Without looking at your DMV paperwork, it's hard to say for sure. There are two instances when you have to install an...
Can a specialty court punish a person without evidence or report?
I am in dui court Larimer County co. Unfortunately I do not have a driver license but had to drive to a counseling session that I have been sentenced to, I was not ticketed or in anyway contacted by any police but counselor says she saw me drive and reported it to the court, so with no official offense or evidence I am facing a sanction that most likely will include jail time, is this legal? Un ethical?
First, it is not illegal or unethical for a DUI court to move forward with a revocation or sanction based upon a...