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1st Misdemeanor, no other problems with the law
Yes. Michigan Vehicle Code 257.625 does not require a certain amount of BAC only that you are driving under the...
recently i went to renew my fla liscense and now my dui i got in mi 11yrs ago is coming up. i recieved a 30 day temp lic. to get everything clear, won;t i have to jail time up there? my son is down here!
You need to get a MI lawyer who specializes in DUI defense. You must get this resolved as soon as you can. There is no...
I got on probation on Dec. 16 2009 for a dui. I just recently got caught drinking and have a court date for wednesday to go in front of the judge. see what happen is my boyfriend and his brother got into a fight and someone called the cops, turns out i was drinking at the time and the cops knew. So now i violated probation and i just want to know what will happen when i go in front of the judge, can you help me please?
It sounds like your court date will be either an arraignment for a probation violation or a probation violation hearing....
I received an OWI a little more than a month ago and it is my first offense. I was stopped doing 22 in a 15. After speaking with one lawyer it was understanding that i needed take a breath test at the station, after my PBT, before a chemical blood test. Also on my "Officers Report of Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test" and my temporary license i was issued they did not mark down my cycle endorsement on them. Can i use this in any way or is it useless. Thank you in advance for any advice or comments.
While I am not licensed to practice law in Michigan I can tell you that it is imperative that you consult with a local...
4th dui, bi-polar on meds at time of incident
Your question does not provide enough information. Is there an active warrant for your arrest? Is an investigation...
Cops never asked me for ID but my car was there. I had another friend come help. He showed the cop his ID & registration & Insurance. Cops was giving the driver that ended up getting a DWI a sobriety tests & the cops told us he was being arrested and then let us leave. The guy is trying to fight it saying they can't prove he was driving. He said we may get subpoena.
Yes, you may receive a subpoena. In fact, you may receive a subpoena from your friend's defense attorney.
I have absolutely no other legal issues, nor any other tickets. I am a full time student, work part time, and not driving is draining both myself and my family. I am no longer on probation, and completed IOP and a thousand other programs required as terms of my probation. It would be sad to think that I would not be a candidate for this program, but anyone who is convicted now could take advantage. Any ideas how to get started?
You can't. The new pilot-project is only for those convicted of their second or subsequent OWI on or after the...