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Travel to Japan with a DUI?
My husband has a DUI for alcohol from several years ago. No property damage or injury. He has an otherwise perfect record, nothing before or since. Will we have trouble getting into Japan?
That's something that needs to be inquired with the authorities of the country husband intends to travel to. I would...
Can I get charged for DUI?
I had a car accident and got the ticket for leaving the scene unattended. I did walk away but because of shock and bad advice. I walked back to the car though and then police was called by other people. No other cars, people or injuries involved. Additionally, on the ticket is written Driving under influence of Alcoholic beverages. Police didn't take any alcohol test. Can I still be charged for a DUI? I had some drinks and police asked if I had consumed alcohol. I said some drinks yes. Can it be used in the court against me?
It sounds like you were charged with dui. So, the question should not be can you get charged, but what you should do...
Will I have a problem with my I-601A waiver, since I had a DUI in Florida in 1995?
I am applying to a I-601A waiver thru my wife, just wondering if a DUI I had in Florida in 1995 will still be showing, if so, will that affect our case?
This is an immigration law question, so I'll reclassify it for you. What little I know is that if you are subject to...
Can my license be reinstated if my DUI is dropped and I have a refusal?
One of my charges was for DUI and it's been dropped. At the time of the incident, I refused the breathalyzer and blood tests . I was denied a hardship license because of a refusal 15 years ago in a different state. I took the DUI course shortly after my arrest. I wasn't cited for the refusal.
If you refuse a breath test, the Florida DMV can and will suspend your license, regardless of what happens in the DUI...
How long does heroin stay in blood ?
Heroin can only be detected in a blood test 12 hours after use. Is it the correct information? I have read I also need an experts suggestion on this matter. I also read the blog How long does heroin stay in blood
Your question calls for medical, not legal, expertise. Use the find a lawyer feature. You may find a few lawyers who...
How long does cocaine stay in your system ?
One of my friend take Oral ingestion and he has smoking habit. How Cocaine Is Detected on Drug Tests? I read blogs like and on how long does cocaine stay in your system
You also asked a question about heroin, and your questions are posting in the DUI practice area. If there was a legal...
I take lithium which dilutes your urine in research stated. I didn't not use drugs. Do u that will help the drug court understan
I will go to rehab and loose my kids. I did not use. Should I also get a blood test. I want the judge to believe me cause it's the truth. With the lithium issue an a blood test will it be in my favor
I do not understand your question. Your drug test will show whatever it does show, and you need to hire a private attorney.