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  • Girl's shooting death brings 63-year sentence

    Monday Jun 29 | via Chicago Tribune 

    An 18-year-old Gary man was sentenced to 63 years in prison Monday for murder in perpetration of robbery and three counts of attempted robbery in a botched marijuana deal. Ronald E. McMahan asked for forgiveness from the family of Ashley Scott, 17, of Lansing, Ill., who was murdered Dec. 3 during a marijuana deal arranged between McMahan and her boyfriend.


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  • Eyewitness recounts girl's fatal shooting

    Jun 2, 2015 | via Chicago Tribune 

    The high school junior from Lansing, Ill., was shot in the neck Dec. 3, 2014, during a marijuana deal and died within minutes, deputy prosecutor Aleksandra Dimitrijevic told jurors in her opening statement in the murder trial of Ronald E. McMahan, 19, of Gary. McMahan has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder, murder in perpetration of robbery and four counts of attempted robbery in the botched drug deal in Gary.


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  • Suspected gunman on loose after fatal Harvey shooting

    Jun 1, 2015 | via WGN-TV Chicago 

    Harvey police say they know who did it, a 20-year-old who apparently had been fighting with his 17-year-old victim for months. Graphic security video put out on the Internet appears to show the victim talking with the gunman, then the shots fired.


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Lansing Law

I was charged with a DUI last night.
I was involved in an accident. It was the other person's fault. But I did received a ticket for "not slowing down to avoid accident" Which makes no sense. I do not think the test results matter because I drank liquor at the Scene AFTER the crash. I just waited in the car actually and drank wine port.The police did arrive and it said on the ticket that they noted I had wine in my hands when they arrived. I have a jeep and the damage didn't really look to bad, (her car looked totaled) . I didn't know how to handle the situation. I was also drinking before I got into the jeep. But I believe it was the wine I drank at the scene that put me over the limit.
Report this to your auto carrier and hire a criminal attorney. Do not post more admissions online.
Is this a legal ticket?
My fiance got arrested on a dui in my car. I was not present and had no knowledge of the event, but the officer issued me a ticket via my fiance to show up in municipal court stating that I knowingly loaned my car to an intoxicated driver to drive on public streets. Is it illegal for him to issue a document stating that I knew when I had no idea
Yes, it's a legal ticket. Whether you are guilty or not is a different question. Hire a lawyer and fight it if you don'...
I have a 28 years old handicapped daughter I need to get a divorce my husband is a drunk and is having a affair is
Is he responsible for his daughter I cant work since she was born will he have to pay maintance
Probably. Under Section 510 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, the court can order a party to...
License was revoked 9 years ago in Illinois. And was considering moving out of state.
I am curious , as I have not retained a lawyer . What the process of reinstatement is if i moved to a different state ? My Hours are completed and I will be eligible to have a formal hearing next year . I received 3 dui's in Wisconsin 9 years ago in the span of 3 weeks . 2 of them were for alcohol within legal limits . 004 and . 006 respectively . My license has been revoked since February 2004 .
Your background information is very confusing. The only state in which you've revealed any conduct meriting a license...
Is there any purpose to having legal representation for a DUI-1st time offender?
My daughter was pulled over because her headlights werent turned on & was told to take a breathalyzer test so she did. We now find out that she did not have to do that. She said they never told her it was an option. They just told her to breathe into it & she did. She went to jail and I had to pick her up. They wrote on the ticket that it was .181 and her pupils were dialated with open alcohol etc. My daughter says thats a lie-there was no alcohol in her car. The IL DMV sent a letter indicating her license will be suspended next month. Is there any use in fighting this? I am in no way condoning or taking away the seriousness of this offense but we keep receiving all these letters for DUI lawyers. Will she go jail? She does not have a record. Shes in college and works. Pls Advise
Very simply put, your daughter needs an attorney. There are many great DY defense attorneys in the greater metro area....
Why doesn't Illinois follow the laws of other states when it comes to DIUs?
I recieved a DUI in Texas, they suspended my license for 6 months and notified the state I live in (Illinois) The Illinois Secretary of State then suspended my license for an additional year, ANY THOUGHTS? Thank You,
First of all, you are not suspended. You are revoked. That means that you will not automatically regain driving...
Can you win a petition to rescind statutory summary suspension if you did not refused to submit to and/or complete the tests?
I was just charged with a DUI. I was looking online at the forms and one of the forms is this Petition to Rescind Statutory Summary Suspension. One of the boxes says "The Defendant did not refuse to submit to and/or complete the required chemical test or tests, pursuant to 625 ILCS 5/11-501.1 (d) of the Illinois Vehicle Code, upon the request of the arresting officer". In this particular case, I did in fact do the breath test (I blew over .08) and I did do the exercises on the side of the road. Does that I mean I will win this Petition to Rescind? If not, what does it mean? Thanks
No, that ground does not apply to you. It applies to people who have been alleged to have refused or failed to...