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Do I have a chance in fighting this DUI? I was parked and sober!
I am getting charged with a DUI for a Schedule 1 controlled substance (marijuana). I was parked because I was lost and needed to use my GPS. A cop knocked on my window. My passenger had weed on her body, and he picked up the smell. I did not want to rat my friend out, so when the cop asked when I had last smoked marijuana, I answered truthfully and told him it was several hours before I started operating. He made me get out of the car, asked my name. I told him and offered him my license which was in my car. He refused to let me back in my car to retrieve it. He then conducted a field sobriety test, and failed me for my left eye not crossing in when he moved the pen towards my nose (after taking my glasses off). I was then arrested and taken for blood where i had residual THC
There are some clear issues in your case. Most often the probable cause to stop or arrest are indicated. The fact...
Why did I receive a notice for a gagnon 1 hearing after receiving new charges while on ARD?
I am currently on ARD for possession of a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. a month ago I was a passenger in a vehicle that had been pulled over. On me was found a small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia (two marijuana pipes) and an old empty bag were found in my wallet After I was detained and In police custody. I had admitted to potential methamphetamines to be found in the said bag, in which I had admitted to be personal use from a month prior (I am currently not on the drug, I had just experimented and forgot completely that a month+ old bag was in my wallet). In late July I received a letter in the mail to report to the courthouse on 8/14/17 for a gagnon 1 hearing. Online docket sheets show that it's a video conference to be held at the CCCF. Will I be going to jail? I am currently still in the ARD program and was told numerous times that if I am on ARD I should not have to go to jail. Keep in mind, the said person that I was with was pulled over for invalid inspection sticker. They were not cited for this although my affidavit says otherwise. Just seeking legal advice so I know what I am walking into.
Every County handles violations of Ard differently. Technically when you are on Ard you're on non-reporting probation....
If you receive a DUI conviction and refusal charge in another state does Pennsylvania suspend your license?
If you receive a DUI conviction and refusal charge in another state does Pennsylvania suspend your license
Yes. Under the Driver's License Compact, Pennsylvania will impose a reciprocal suspension.
Can a dui for marajuana be dismissed if the intial probable cause is dropped?
My step son was driving to a mini market when a police officer pulled in behind him at the store. The officer stated that his window tint was too dark. Which lead to him smelling marajuana and made him, his fiance, and a friend that was in the back get out. The officer did find a small roach in the ashtray. He proceeded to have my step son follow a light to his eyes. He then took him into custody because he refused to do any more tests. He refussd blood work also. He told his girlfriend she couldnt drive the car home because her tongue was green even though she denied ever smoking pot. He also denied the male friend to drive so car was towed. The paperwork for charges came and the initial tint citation code is the wrong one. It should be 4107 e1 and was charged with window obstruction. My wuestion is if the window tint is dropped due to wrong violation code can the dui be dismissed also ? Thank you
It wasn't dropped - this was a clerical error. Contact a lawyer who has handled DUIs in Carbon County. I can see some...
It's been six weeks now since I was pulled over and charged with DUI for marijuana but still no charges.
I was pulled over for window tint and was charged with DUI for marijuana, possession of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia. It's been almost 6 weeks and still don't have anything in the mail. Is there any way to find out my charges or should I even be worry about it?
You can contact the Police department who arrested you to find out the status of the charges being filed. If you do not...
Can you get arrested for DUI in a private gated community, with no public roads,in PA.
Driving home went into a ditch.
If the police cannot show that you were driving on a public roadway, and you were otherwise on a private street, to...
Do you get drug tested after a dui hearing? Meds Ifound in system were ativan and klono pin.
Dui court date is Dec I 4 at 400pm. ATIVAN and klono pin was found in my system. Will they do a drug test that day?
It depends on what the Judge Orders and the policy of Adult Probation. It is possible you will have to submit to a drug...