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Can i get charged with underage drinking just by the smell of my breath?
Me and my friend were walking home around 12am it was my 18th birthday earlier that day and a cop stops us and asks if were 18 and we said yes and he asks for our id and im getting mine out to show him and my friend didnt have hers so she ran. But he told me he could smell alcohol on my breath? And he asked for the info of my friend and i gave it to him. But they are trying to charge me with underage. But how can they do that if i was allowed to be out at that time considering their is no curfew for 18 so he shouldn't have stopped me in the first place and he didnt even give me a breathalyzer test ? And their was no real probable cause we were just walking perfectly fine. Do you think He can still charge me ?
The simple answer answer to your question at this point is YES. He could also charge the young lady who departed for...
Arrested for first offense DUI. Will be admitted to ARD program. Will this have an effect on employment?
I was arrested a few weeks ago for suspicion of DUI. My lawyer is getting me into the ARD program, which he told me will not result in a DUI conviction on my criminal record (correct me if I am wrong). I was just given a job offer as a physical therapist assistant for a skilled nursing facility. Employment is pending upon a drug test and background check. I have no priors on my record whatsoever. I just tried to access my criminal background check and it is pending. If I haven't been convicted of a DUI, and likely should not, is this going to affect my opportunity for employment? Is it possible that my background check will come up as "no record" since I technically have not been convicted?
ARD is a program offered to carefully screened Defendants. It is important for you to retain a criminal defense...
Can charges be dropped if you were not read your rights during a dui arrest?
first offense no accident no one hurt, and full cooperation from defendant.
The failure to advise is not in and of itself a basis for a dismissal of the charges. Once a defendant is in custody...
ARD? Probation? Monitorconnect?
I have to check in once a month for my probation for a DUI that's In ARD, and it's saying I already checked in, but I didn't and it's not letting me check in, so I called my probation officer and she looked me up and said its fine don't worry, this happens often. Should I be worried that the information might get mixed up and a warrant goes out for my arrest because I didn't check in??
Typically, if your probation officer says its fine-then you should be OK. You may go the extra step and send a letter...
Summary offenses?
Is it possible to get ARD for a DUI if I have three summary offense on my record?
It depends on the summary offenses, but generally the answer is yes. ARD is not the right choice for everyone. It...
First dui case and was denied entry into the ard program 16 years ago arrested for resisting arrest.
district attorney offering 1 year suspension 3 days in jail, 1100 fines 100 hours community service. Went to crn and safe driving and 32 hours of community service on own right after arrainment have severe medical conditions that have me having a medical procedure every 5 weeks for 8hours. also mental disabilty. was caught with small amount of marajuana that i use for pain relief for medical condition. Lawyer hasn't done anything but charge me more money. Can oand should i write a letter to district attorney asking for reconsideration for ard program. Do not feel i can do the jail time or remaining hours. have quit drinking and smoking, and have started therapy and medication
Because you are currently represented, other attorneys cannot give you legal advice nor interfere with your attorney-...
Will i have a warrant for failure to appear or dui after all this time
three years ago i ran out of gas on I-95 near a construction site where a state police officer helped me push my car over andsmelled alcolol on me he arreste me for dui at the station then released me that nite. He knew I am dying from cancer and was very nice to me. I never received papers never went to post office to pick up anyway i failed to appear for court, Now three years later officer called me on phone and said to turn myself in at a district court. is there a statute of limitations on dui charges or will I have a warrant for failure to appear
Once the complaint is filed, there is no statute of limitations. However, there could be some defenses. Meet with a...