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Would my father be able to attend his mom’s funeral in another country?
My father had a DUI and was on probation. He violated his probation by driving to work himself as no one was able to give him a ride. His license was suspended for another year. His probation is closed. Would he be able to go out of the country to attend his mom’s funeral?
As long as your father is not on probation, there should be no reason why he cannot leave the country to attend his...
I had my second DUI sentence 2 years ago, after 2 years of being on probation i got picked up for "change of address"...
even though i completed most of my requirements. My probation time started over. I had already done most of my probation requirements including 4 months house arrest and 10 days initial confinement. My question is...My IPP says minimum 4 months and maximum 59 months and days, does that mean i could be let go of probation if everything is done after 4 months? These are/were my requirements: Confinement of 10 days Defendant to undergo CRN Evaluation and Treatment Defendant shall attend Safe Driving School To participate in a public or non-profit community service program. 24 HOURS Parole authority retained pursuant to 75 P.S. 3804D and 3815. Min of 4.00 Months Max of 59.00 Months 20.00 Days House monitoring
Discuss your concerns with your attorney. He or she is in the best position to offer guidance and advice.
Do you have to take the crn evaluation in the same county you got the DUI in?
In many counties, you do not. In others, you do. What has your attorney advised based upon the practice in the county...
Can you enter an Ard when you do not have a license?
Backed my friends car out in a apartment complex, a cop pulled me over.had a beer that's all.,at a party in complex
I strongly suggest you discuss the facts of your case with an attorney BEFORE you agree to enter ARD. There is a...
How can I be charged for a dui when I was overdosing in a 7/11 parking lot.
I made a dumb mistake of doing heroin. I did a bag and before I left to go home I stopped at a 7/11. I was in my cat at the time I overdosed. I had my learners permit on me but didn't have anyone above the age of 21 with a licensed driver. When the cops found me I was unconscious and they used narcan on me to revive me I was brought to the closest hospital and there they took my blood to see what was in my system. Is there anyway I can fight this and see if I can get these charges dropped?
Yes. You can fight. However, to prove a DUi, the government does not need to prove "driving." You really should...
Denied employment for expunged DUI charge (ARD)
I recently applied for an Independent Contractor position and was denied the position due to a DUI on my driving record. The DUI in question was expunged from my criminal record after I successfully completed the ARD program. Can an employer legally deny me this position based on an expunged record? The employer is headquartered in California, but I reside (and would have been working) in Pennsylvania.
This is a question that would probably be best directed towards an attorney who specializes in employment law. As far...
Going to jail for 30 days due to a second dui will I get out early?
Monday I turn myself in for my second dui is there any chance of me being released in under 30 days?
No. It is a mandatory sentence so you will serve all 30 days. The judge can't deviate.