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  • Report: Edison cop arrested at D'Jais in Belmar

    Jun 14, 2017 | via Courier News 

    Edison cop arrested at D'Jais in Belmar An Edison police officer was reportedly arrested in Belmar Sunday Check out this story on BELMAR - An Edison police officer was arrested at D'Jais bar and restaurant and charged with shouting at and shoving Belmar officers, according to court documents. Dmitry Smolkin was charged Sunday with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and interference with business, according to court documents obtained by the Asbury Park Press.


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Lanoka Harbor Law

What happens if you get a DUI while your license is suspended for dui?
Someone got a DUI and got caught driving the car even though the persons license was suspended for a dui
There is mandatory jail if you convicted of driving while suspended for a DUI. The length of the sentence depends upon...
Do I need to complete 16 hrs of counseling after a 2nd dui that spans 18 years?
I competed 48 hrs at idrc,community service, and up to date on all fines.I have 2 duis separated by 18 years.I also have attended AA at least twice a week for the past 17 months.sober date since 12/17/15. Paid for assessment and told counselor same thing (my sponsor came with me) still told to attend to attend 16 groups
If IRDC requires you to do it you must do it.Otherwise you are out of compliance and the judge can put you in jail, don'...
In NJ for a DUI (Drugs) does a DRE have to obtain a urine consent form in order to take your urine as part of his examination?
For a drug DUI, does a DRE need to have you sign a urine consent form like the implied consent form a breath test? What happens if they skip the form and just ask for your urine? A friend gave urine assuming she had to and had no say, like the breath test is mandatory. Thanks!
She could have refused without a warrant but consented, it seems
How can NJdmv charge me interest on my dui surcharge, a dui that happened before the bill was pass in "1997" allowing judgments
I just came home from serving 20years for beating to death the man who molested my son, only to find out i have $10.000 interest added to my dui surcharge" yes i had a few drinks the night of my charges" since my dui happened prior to the 1997 bill, shouldn't it fall under Ex post facta
I am sorry to learn that you and your son suffered through such a horrific ordeal. Contact the Dept of Motor Vehicles...
I lost my license for 7 Months for a DUI of Marijuana and Xanax. I attended the idrc and was told I need a "further assessment". The person stated I do bcuz i was "underage" and stated no other reason except that I am 19 and that my age raises a "red flag" for him. I am now in non compliance with IDRC since i have not yet contacted a program for the "further assessment" The reason I have not yet contacted the program to get assessed is I thought the reason given was bullcrap, If the reason was true anyone under 21 who gets a dui would have to go for a further evaluation right? & that is not the case. Also my friend got a dui 2 months after me he is 18 & got a alcohol DUI but still he did not have to go for a "further assessment" even though he is underage. I do not want to attend the assessment is because I think the reason given is wrong/unfair plus I'm almost positive when I go for the assessment the people over there are going to refer me to a program for treatment & those programs must be at least 16 Weeks & you cannot miss a day. But With all that said What can I do at this point? Can I call the idrc and explain this to them?
Not many good choices for you exist, I would suggest you comply with the program. If your not going to comply which it...
My nj commercial driving licence has expired do I need to do any test again to renew it ?
I should know this but I do not. MY CDL book is not with me but this information can be found easily online.
Are police aloud to deny you a breathalyzer if you ask? And is this case worth fighting in court?
I was at an underage drinking party when it got busted by police. However, I was not drinking I was there hanging out with some friends. When given a sobriety test by one of the officers I failed. So I had a parent come pick me up and take my car home. I am 18 by the way. As soon as I got home I got in my car and drove myself down to the police station where I asked them for a breathalyzer. It was the same officers from the party I told them I drove here myself. To their knowledge they believed I had been drinking. Which of course I had not. They denied me the right to take a breathalyzer and instead I took a more thorough sobriety test. Which I passed. Even after passing they still said I had been drinking. And once more I asked for a breathalyzer I was denied. I told them as I was leaving that I am driving. They did not stop me. To their knowledge I had been drinking and they let me get in my car and drive away right in front of them. So I went to my local medical center and got my blood drawn for a blood alcohol level test. It came back negative it said I have no trace of alcohol in my system.
You will be the perfect client for your attorney. With all that, there is great support for any attorney who takes your...