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    Monday Aug 1 | via The Washington Post 

    At about 10:40 p.m., officers with the Bowie Police Department responded to the 15700 block of Evrest Drive for a check on the welfare of a man in the road, Prince George's County police said in a statement. Officers found Cleve Monnity, 44, of Kinmount Road in Lanham with gunshot wounds to the body, and he was pronounced dead at the scene, the statement said.


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Lanham Law

Can I be found guilty w/o officer who arrested me present in court?
The officer in my DUI trial is unavailable and the judge denied the state's request for postponement so trial is scheduled for tomorrow. The prosecutor said she will proceed based on a witness and another officer that arrived 1st but didn't do any of the tests etc.
You absolutely can still be found guilty. The State intends to use other evidence to satisfy its burden. You need a...
Can I expunge a dismissed DUI?
In 2013 I was stopped and hit with a DUI. Cop didn't show for court so it was dismissed, the charge is still on my record so I'm wondering if I can get it expunged since I wasn't convicted of the crime?
Clients sometimes throw the term "dismissed" around loosely - if by "dismissed" you mean the DUI charges were entered...
Can I avoid Suspension and/or get off the Alcohol Interlock Program? (PG County, Maryland)
In Feb 2013, I was stopped for speeding and received a DUI. (I blew a .2 ) On advice of council, I requested I be put into the Alcohol Interlock Program. My Attorney got me a PBJ. The PBJ required 1 year unsupervised probation and 2 nights in jail. The PBJ did NOT require an Interlock. I have no points on my license and no charges pending. The Maryland MVA says that I must complete the full term of the Interlock program. I am 10 months into the program and have had two violations - (small positives in the .03 to .06 range) So I have 4 months to go. During the recent snow, I was clearing Ice from my vehicle and missed a retest. When the horn started, I did another blow within a minute or so and passed - but this makes three violations. Is there any way to avoid suspension?
You cannot get off the interlock without having to serve the original suspension. However, If the MVA attempts to...
My daughter got a DWI. First offense. Here hearing is tomorrow. What can we expec?.
It happened in Virginia, 0.13 was her level.
I'm a Maryland attorney. We need some more information. Are you asking about the DUI Trial (which would be in Virginia?...
DUI/DWI, out of status facing deportation. Probable sentence for the DUI and consequences of it?
On 28 February 2010 I was caught with DUI. I was charged with DUI, DWI and reckless driving. Once i paid my bond I got into ICE custody. I came in the country Nov. 2005 on H2B visa, then i extended twice on tourist and I am out of status since July 2007. I am currently out on supervision with a bracelet from ICE. I am in removal proceedings waiting for my DUI court date and my immigration hearing. What is the probable sentence from the district court? First DUI in U.S., bad record for the past 4 years lots of tickets for speed limit, refused Breathalyzer test. Any suggestions for positive outcome with ICE?
It will be worth your time investing in the services of an immigration lawyer. A simple DUI without more is not per se...
Can a State attorney denied an expungement order granted by a district court Judge ?
Served and completed an 18months probation in a PBJ entered judgment last year. i filed for early expungement because of severe hardship as a result of in ability renew my CNA license which was granted and the state attorney now sent a motion for denial after the judge has granted it. The incident happened in 2013.
If the PBJ was for a DUI, then it was error for the judge to grant the expungement. A PBJ for a DUI cannot be...
MVA hearing compelled Ignition Interlock in May. July trial ruled "Nolle Prosequi." Can MVA reverse their hasty ruling? How?
Stopped by police 12/19/15 for tail light violation. Need restrictions removed to drive employer's vehicle for work.
Probably not. If you were ordered to use the ignition interlock because of a refusal or you blew .15 or above, then the...