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Can a urine test determine saved a drug use if that drug stays in your system for several days anyway
I was pulled over for a broken windshield and the cop originally said that he smelled marijuana in my vehicle which is impossible because I don't smoke nor know anyone who does. He made me do a field sobriety test said that I failed and took me to the station blew a 0.00 on the breathalyzer so he then takes me to the local hospital to do a urine test. I had not done any type of drug that day but the day before that I used a substance. He said that the test will determine if I was intoxicated that day that he took me to the hospital and arrested me for DUI my question is is that possible if the drug that I took stays in your system for several days anyway
If the test is positive for a drug then you can expect to be charged. I'd start looking at attorneys now to hire.
What are my options
My son failed to appear in court for speeding charge of 71mph on 45mph in Lancaster SC and his North Carolina License is scheduled to be suspended on 10/09/16
Your only option is to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent your son. You tagged this as a DUI, but do not...
Son was arrest dui felony with great bodily harm. Can he request to be sent to a rehab center
These is his third Dui
Third DUI's are generally felonies in most states (over 1 year jail time). Given that there was great bodily harm...
What to do if you can't afford lawyer
Can't afford lawyer
You can talk to the public defender and see if you qualify for their free representation.
I have been convicted of 3 misdemeanor charges of DUI/DWI in NC & SC. Can I become a licensed professional counselor?
I would like to become a substance abuse counselor, but before I enter a graduate counseling program I would like to know if I can become licensed and/or if I am employable. I have completed outpatient therapy, and I have been sober for 2 years.
Yes, it may slow you down but should not stop you from becoming licensed. You will most likely have to jump through...
Can I possess a fire arm Long gun or hand gun in SC if I have felony DUIs in other states, how about for home protection ?
1990s OWI in Iowa (felony) no harm just traffic stop 2012 Tenn. DUI traffic stop (felony) now a home and land owner professional job no other criminal rec. of any kind
If you could have served more than one year in prison for any of these offenses, then federal law prohibits firearm...
If you are told to get an interlock device by SCDMV can you wait the two years and then get your license reinstated.
DUI 2008 DUAC 2013
Unfortunately, no. Interlock is required for 2 years after your suspension ends, assuming you got convicted of a second...