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Can I get my DUI overturned based on the supreme court ruling that blood testing for DUI without a warrant is unconstitutional?
I have a DUI from 2006 of which I was told that If I did not give blood my driving privileges would be revoked immediately.
Except in a very extraordinary circumstance, you would not be able to reverse a 10 year old conviction based on new...
Can I get the ard program for my first dui
I pulled in parking lot because I was fringe to much was feeling down lost dad and job this past job I found a job and working agin I have clean record never been arrested clean driving record my bac was .16 plmk thanks
It is entirely possible and probable so long as you did nit have a juvenile in the car with you. Reach out to local dui...
Illegal Police stop?
I have a friend who recently got pulled over resulting in a second DUI in a five year period. The police officer followed him for 2 miles before turning on his red and blues. The police officer said "I pulled you over for speeding. I didn't clock you, but I have been doing this for 15 years and guess you were going 45-50 in a 35. By the time I caught up to you and followed you, you weren't speeding." My friend was on his motorcycle. In the open air, standing in the middle of a corn field and standing 4 feet away said "I smell alcohol have you been drinking?" My question is, could this be an illegal stop ? Could the officer have run his plates and background, and profiled him?
Sounds like a bad stop to me and any evidence obtained from the stop should be suppressed. Of course the question is...
Can I get Ard for a Dui while on Ard for a non Dui charge ? Lancaster County
I Got a Dui while parked in my gfs car because she felt she was to drunk to drive, I don't have my license, and I am on Ard for a simple assault about 2 years ago. Im not sure what to do or if I can do anything, I don't know for 100% certainty that I will get the dui, but it seems like I might. he didn't take a picture or fingerprint me, just ran my bac and gave me a print out of that. I blew a .113 but did fine with my sobriety test as I told them I would, because I didn't feel I was un fit to drive us the 5 min home.
For a variety of reasons described in your story, the short answer to your question is "no". Moreover, your new DUI...
If considering RRRI, I will have already completed more than the minimum prison sentence for DUI on Scram. Shouldn't it count?
I'm facing a 3rd offence tier 3 DUI in Lancaster, Pa. Guilty plea scheduled for 3/29, at which point I'll have completed nearly 10 months of house arrest and Scram. There's medical issues involved as well as the DUI was a one vehicle accident that's left me partially paralyzed. I initially got a public defender in anticipation of medical costs, but am highly questioning his commitment to the case. I could be very wrong, but I feel that he should be trying to get at least some of that house arrest counted against the sentence, which he refuses to even consider.
I practice in Lancaster County, and I think you are confusing Pre-Trial bail Supervision, which utilizes the scram...
How likely is it to get pre-trial house arrest counted towards a mandatory prison sentence in a DUI case?
I was unable to post bail at my prelim and was instead fitted with a scram/house arrest bracelet. My attorney at the time seemed very confident that he could get the time on house arrest counted toward the 1 yr mandatory sentence. Unfortunately I ran out of funds and had to seek a public defender who's said that's absolutely impossible. By sentencing I will have completed 8 months of house arrest. It seems extremely unfair that it would be for naught, but the PD is adamant that it is. I will soon have the funds to rehire an attorney, but is it worth it if he's correct?
This seems to be a very county specific question. It can be frustrating when different attorney's express different...
My boyfriend got a Dui 7 years ago in oklahoma but never was served papers never went to court nothing
about 2 years ago a background check came back with a Dui on it from there we called the OSBI and asked about it and they said that the paperwork was lost and that they were not an extrdection state? but it is showing that its still on his background what can be done about this and do they have a time limit that charges can be filed
The reality is nothing can be done about it in Pennsylvania. You are going to have to call an Oklahoma attorney to...