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I got a dui on the way to rehab. I spun my car out and pulled off the side of the road. A witness called the police.
The cops showed up later and got me for a dui. They never seen me drive or in the car. I had admitted to having a few to keep the withdraw at bay till I got to the airport. I had a bottle in the car but not sure if I drank any of it after I spun the car out. I didn't hit anyone or cause damage to anything but my car. Any chance they will try and do a plea with me concidering I was on my way to treatment and only have the witness account of the incident.
I will change this to criminal as opposed to lemon law so that you get additional responses. One piece of advice...
Completed ARD IN 2013, GOT another DUI IN 2016.
If u had ur 1st offense of DUI expunged from ur records, then way does the court system look at this offense as a 2nd offense? If u had it erased then it's gone right? Can I fight my so called 2nd offense as double jeopardy? I think I can. What's ur opinion? Could this be used at my hearing?? Thank you
Unfortunately you are confusing a few things. When your record was expunged from your first DUI, it was only cleared...
Will I get drug tested in ARD program for receiving a DUI along with possession of marijuana charge?
I was already accepted into the ARD program a few months ago. Still waiting to receive my license back. I was wondering if I would be contacted for random drug testing during my year of UnSupervised probation. Asked my attorney and he was no help so I will no longer do business with him.
Treatment and/or testing in ARD usually depends on the results of 2 things: (1) the Drug & Alcohol evaluation, and (2)...
DMV Suspension
Say a person has a 2nd DUI, within 10 yrs, and an 18 MONTH SUSPENSION OF LICENSE. It seems like we, The American Public, are being punished for the same crime twice. Can a double jeopardy defense work to save a person's suspension of his/her's license? Isn't the possibility of going to jail and fines enough? Seems like, instead of putting the habitual offender in jail numerous time's, maybe the judicial systems might be served better by the rehabilitation of a person that has a serious drinking problem. If the possibly of a continuous jail term and loss of license doesnt deter a person, maybe we should really try it (rehabilitation) instead of spending a lot of money to send someone to jail instead of helping with their drinking problem. Thx
NO it is not double jeopardy since a suspension is not a conviction, thus the term collateral effects.
Can i use my NY license in PA if i have a dui in pa. Will the dui show up on my ny id.
I moved to pa from ny. I have both a pa and ny license. I just plead guilty to dui in pa. Since i have a ny license is that dui gonna show up on it and say im suspended.
If you have been convicted of a DUI n Pennsylvania, and your license was to be suspended in Pennsylvania, then you may...
Recently I found out I have a judgement from a citation in the State of Pennsylvania since 2007. What is the statue of limiation
I was never informed either by writing or call from an attorney. This judgement was made without me being present. Now I cannot obtain my priviliges to drive even if I never had a license. What can I do resolve this situation. Please help.
Its not clear what the citation was for but you have to pay the citation. Once its paid provide proof to PennDOT and...
Will I be violated and put in jail for a failed urine.
I admitted to smoking marijuana on August 25th after she wanted to test me and was honest and told her i smoked pretty habitually for three weeks every night until the day before I seen her Aug 25 But I have ptsd and I had a flash back and smoked and shouldn't have. They had me sign an admittance form which at that point I was fine with. My p.obagreed to see me every two weeks. Saw her and said she didn't want to test me this one to make sure it was out my system. So she asked to see me in two weeks and most certainly she would test me then and told me so. Appointment was on the 29th Once again it's ok and I had without a doubt no worries because I had not smoked since way back the first time I had admitted on Aug 25. I most definetly would not smoke knowing shed test me and I had taken enough chances to risk being away from my child and getting locked up because I admitted to during moths prior. But for some odd reason it came up most likely positive for THC. You need two lines for a negative and the one was barely a seen line so it went to the lab. If it stil shows positive will I get locked up next time I go in? Regardless is I know I didn't smoke since them but what can I do?
That's tough I would have you retested with a third party lab