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How can I obtain a police report for my dui accident.
I just want a copy of my dui accident because im representing myself in court.
You won't be able to get it until you go to court.
Can I ask for the pre trial court diversion program for my DUI in Lancaster California
I was not pulled over my friend was pulled over by the police and I was leaving Jack n the box I pulled over and parked and walked up to them an asked what was going on with my friend they had pulled over. I was drinking so they arrested me and charged me with DUI. Can I ask for the program?
No, DUIs are NOT eligible for any Diversion programs. This was obviously not a good plan; never go up to the cops...
I missed my 10 day deadline to request a dmv hearing. Is there anything I can do now?
I wasn't aware I had the chance to avoid a suspension of my driving privileges.
Under the right circumstances we can request a hearing for you under what is called a late hearing request we've been...
I owe court ordered restitution from a DUI, when I die, will my family be liable for it?
DUI , court order restitution to the person I hit. After my death, will my daughters be expected to continue the payments?
When you die, your estate will be responsible for the remaining balance. This is an extreme way of trying not to pay...
What are my options to avoid jail time my court date is 1/11/16
I got my second dui the first one was five years ago. With this one I had no proof of insurance and I hit a parked car.
DUI cases are beatable. In many cases reasonable doubt can be created as to whether you were over the legal limit at...
Getting my cal. drivers license back after 20 year old conviction. all court doc's have been lost / destroyed by the court's
All court ordered penalties and jail time, were completed including( the 1 yr. of classes) But I no longer have the completion certificate from the classes, the court's have no record of my completing them, but the D.M.V. says it was not completed. I have a court doc. stating they destroyed the records ( DMV will not except it.)
This question will have to go to DMV. They are a world of there own. Have you applied for a license? If not you...
Can a section 8 voucher be taken because of a DUI ?
I would like to know if an individuals section 8 voucher can be terminated if they get a DUI ?
Generally speaking, a DUI conviction alone cannot form the basis of a Section 8 termination, assuming the case involved...