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What are my options to avoid jail time my court date is 1/11/16
I got my second dui the first one was five years ago. With this one I had no proof of insurance and I hit a parked car.
DUI cases are beatable. In many cases reasonable doubt can be created as to whether you were over the legal limit at...
Third DUI
How much jail time does a DUI with two prior DUIs carry I recently got a DUI got my truck taken away and I have a court date coming up and I wanted to know what the out come might be
There is a mandatory minimum of 120 days in county jail for a third time DUI. You should seriously look into finding an...
What is possible outcome?
In Feb 2015 my husband was stopped for driving on suspended L's. Long story short he ended up with a felony for battery on an officer. He got 3 yrs probation. He checks in with po everyday, let's her know when he's out of the county, and goes to his anger management classes. BUT in July he had a warrant out for failing to attend court ordered classes. The court did not recognize the anger management class he was attending and he missed some other classes (life skills) he was arrested Aug 28th. Judge told him to stay in jail until next court date step 18th. What should I expect on Friday???
Expect him to be present in court with an attorney. Where it goes from there is nothing less than a guess. You should...
Getting my cal. drivers license back after 20 year old conviction. all court doc's have been lost / destroyed by the court's
All court ordered penalties and jail time, were completed including( the 1 yr. of classes) But I no longer have the completion certificate from the classes, the court's have no record of my completing them, but the D.M.V. says it was not completed. I have a court doc. stating they destroyed the records ( DMV will not except it.)
This question will have to go to DMV. They are a world of there own. Have you applied for a license? If not you...
Can a section 8 voucher be taken because of a DUI ?
I would like to know if an individuals section 8 voucher can be terminated if they get a DUI ?
Generally speaking, a DUI conviction alone cannot form the basis of a Section 8 termination, assuming the case involved...
I was driving home from work and was hit by a drunk driver who turned into oncoming traffic. my car is totaled.
The guy than fled the seen. I went to the hospital that night due to my shoulder pain and bruising. I have a tore muscle and soft tissue damage in my lower back. The guy had a really bad insurance. Should I sue the company? Or would it be pointless.
I'm not sure what "company" you think you can sue. If he was on the job you can sue his employer and the limits of his...
I had a DUI 12 yrs ago,in the state of Utah,i have another DUI two weeka ago, I have to renew my greencard do I have an issue?
Get an attorney to deal with dui and dmv. So far you have not been found guilty of anything. You only have 10 days from...