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What forms do I request at the court house to start my petition?
I lost my license for 10 years because of DUI(s), I'm eligible for my license April 19, 2016 I was granted a hardship license 6 years ago along with the interlock system installed in my car(s).
You are searching for the right form when you need to be searching for the right attorney.
Is there any way to get an extension of 5-6 weeks on LDP for SATOP?
I recieved a 3rd dui in mo. Reduced o misdemeaner. I was suspended for refusal to blow. Dec. 15 last year is when I recieved it and I was able to get a limited driving priviledge permit. I have let the permit expire unintentionally with being busy during the holiday season. I know SATOP needed to be done but was financially unable to do it earlier in the year. Dec.30 was the last day of LDP and able to get license reinstated, if SATOP was complete.
My understanding is in this situation is that you will not be able to do anything until you are fully reinstated (which...
I got a class b misdemeanor dwi with a sis sentence and 2yr. unsupervised probation. Will the dwi still show on driver record?
I drive/ drove company vehicle for work.
As to the driving record - the criminal charge will NOT show due to the SIS. HOWEVER, any suspension of your license...
I recently was given a class b misdemeaner dwi and a s.e.s. sentence. Will it show when my employers insurance runs a driver rec
I was driving a company vehicle for work
It is unlikely the insurance company will miss a DUI/DWI conviction. I presume this is a conviction because of your...
Can I get hardship or ldp
I was arrested for 3rd dwi in mo. Last one 7 yrs. ago. I haven't yet went to court so I don't know if I will be convicted yet. I have a month till court. Am I still eligible for some type of temp. permit for work and counseling?
You need to hire an experienced DWI defense immediately! The main issue now is whether you took the chemical test or...
DUI Diversion Revocation hearing
I was cited for DUI in 2015, no prior record. I completed the diversion program (1 year stint) without incident. 79 days after I had completed said diversion I received a letter in the mail stating my diversion was being revoked due to a police report in which the officer states I was a witness to an event at a bar. Nearly 3 years after my DUI citation and over a year after my completed diversion I am attending a evidentiary hearing to refute this report (innocent & was not at bar or drinking). I graduate with an MBA in December, if revoked and charged this will have extremely detrimental effects on my life, career, education etc. IF revoked am I sentenced for DUI on the spot, or will I have time to appeal evidentiary hearing, plead non-guilty to original dui and set for trial, etc?
Hire an attorney. You have too much to lose to handle this on your own.
What is the typical cost of a DWI in Missouri?
I was recently pulled over and refused a breathalyzer test. After I was arrested and placed in the police car, the officers began to get chatty with my wife who said I did have something to drink. Will this affect my case and what is the typical cost to defend a DWI?
I think, based on your question, that you need to decide if you want to hire the cheapest firm you can find that will...