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How can they charge me a dui yes I hit left the scene but I actually didn't drink till I got I was in shock?
Guy hit the car but I am actually drink till I got home at I was in shock but they still charge me with a DUI and the cop didn't witness it but he didn't give me a chance to explain.
Subsequent drinking is a commonly asserted defense. Rarely believed. You'll need a good lawyer.
Lawyer was able to save my license in a DUI case, will it hit my record?
My lawyer was able to save my drivers license in CA. I am wondering if it will be on my driving record since my license was not suspended, revoked or any other terms or me losing it. Thanks for the help!
Without knowing how the lawyer "saved your license," it's impossible to answer your question. Are you talking about a...
I'm traveling to Mexico I have a few acohol related misdemeanor charges, no felonies will I be okay ?
Dui 7 years ago 1 year ago Public intoxications 10 years ago 7 years ago
Will you be ok? You mean, will you be permitted to enter Mexico and more importantly, I suppose, will you be able to...
Cn I get my liscence back if its been more than 10 years since my dui but I didn't finish program?
Never finished my classes but its now been like 14 yrs
Probably not, check with Mandatory Actions in Sacramento, 916.657.6525
How to get out of dui program after 14 years?
I was arrested for my second dui in 2003.. DMV revoked my license due to incomplete 18mos. dui program! Now they want me to re enroll, complete the course get a Sr22 and install an interlock device on my personal vehicle. But I also drive a company vehicle. How do I get out of all this after 14 years!!!???
You need an expert in criminal law. I am reclassifying this question. You will receive more responses shortly.
I blew a .11 bac ,this is my first dui. Also have a clean driving record. Is it possible to get a wet reckless ?
I got pulled over for front tinted windows . Chp noticed i was entoxicated. I lost my aps hearing. First dui, clean record
It's possible, but not likely in Kern County. Time to lawyer up with a good local criminal defense attorney.
Can I represent myself in the case of a very old bench warrant for a misdemeanor DUI of 2009?
I currently reside in Houston Texas I was undergoing a background check from a potential employer and they uncovered that I have a very old bench warrant from 2009 that occurred in Kern County California. The employer requested that I have the matter taken care of so that we can proceed with my hiring process. Most attorneys are requesting $5,000 up front in order for them to represent me and take care of the bench warrant. Which for me is more than I can even scrape together in such short notice my question being if I put myself on the calendar to resolve my bench warrant is there a chance that I can get it dismissed or cleared without having an attorney speaking on my behalf. I'm assuming that because the bench warrant is so old and it was my first and only DUI offense that maybe I have a chance in clearing it on my own. Thank you in advance for the advice.
Try talking to the clerk of court and ask how you are able to get in front of the judge. It should be something you are...